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Might be over my word count for this post …

These photos are from last weekend in the Peak District. Beautiful weekend with big skies and open spaces. My first visit but not my last. Is it too far for a retreat – reiki or yoga?

So that was the start of my week and then a week of activity including yoga classes, Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage (on the futon), reflexology, reiki, pregnancy yoga and Ayurvedic consultation, culminating in my favourite way to end the week – an afternoon of sharing reiki. More dates are now published for shares and walks: Embodied Reiki

This weekend is my first teaching of Reiki III which has been a long time in the making. I first studied reiki in 2003. At the start of the pandemic I studied a second Reiki Master/Teacher course with Reiki Evolution having been using their resources for about five years. The BIG NEWS is that I have been invited to join the Reiki Evolution teaching team! This has opened up a community of like minded, supportive teachers and practitioners. I’m delighted. This is in addition to running my own courses; groups will be a combination of Embodied Reiki and Reiki Evolution students. A list of dates can be found here: Reiki I & II Courses

I’ve had some interest in the new Yoga class in September. This is open to complete beginners or lapsed practitioners. I will turn up with a plan but will respond to the group that forms. A four week class at the start of the autumn in a beautiful setting … come and join me! (Friday mornings – starts 9 September)

Have you booked your place at Ammerdown yet? On 17 September, I am teaching a day of yoga to include simple breath-led yoga postures and meditative practices to encourage health and well-being for the transition of summer to autumn. The day is accessible to everyone with an interest in yoga and is amazing value too. To book follow the link to Ammerdown: Ammerdown Yoga

I’ve stalled on my short videos on Ayurveda. I will get back to them. The next chat will focus on the guṇa or qualities and what that means in terms of lifestyle and food. I’ve started meeting with clients to explore their own Ayurvedic journey. This addition to my practice brings cohesion and renewed depth. Have a watch of the chats and let me know if you are left with questions or if there’s something specific you want to hear about

I’ve let most of you know that from 1 September there will be a price increase. I’ve delayed this for a few months which I hope has been helpful. Therapy & individual yoga appointments will increase by £2.00 and there will be an increase to yoga classes (Morning Yoga @ £8.00/class & Term Yoga @ £60.00 for a six week term).

… well that’s not so long 🙂

Do you use the contact form below if you want to get in touch. Have a great weekend everyone! And thank you for your continued support and inspiration

Yvonne x

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