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What’s coming up …


I am hoping that I will be able to continue offering in person therapies. So far, it has worked well and it’s been lovely to see you outside of a computer screen. My new workroom (not so new now) is working well and I am available until 6.30 pm on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have even started using the futon again! You can book online or message me: Contact

  • In Person therapies:
    • Massage & Bodywork (couch or futon)
    • Massage & Bodywork &/or Reflexology during pregnancy
    • Reflexology
    • Reiki &/or guided meditation
    • Individual yoga lessons
    • Yoga for pregnancy & active birth – individual lesson

Term Yoga

  • Wednesday term yoga remains online: 4 November – 9 December, 1800 and 1915 @ £55.00
  • NEW: Friday term yoga is in person or online: Fridays 6 November 1515-1615 @ £55.00, in Yatton; this class will introduce new students to yoga and my teaching style. If we have to stop meeting in person, the class will move to online only. If you are experienced you are very welcome to join this class
  • A Term of Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy & Active Birth

  • New class: Fridays 6 November – 11 December 1345-1500 @ £60.00, in Yatton
  • For more information, please follow the link: antenatal yoga

Morning Dailies & Friday Early Bird

These thirty minute classes have been running since the start of lockdown. You can sign up for a week of dailies or drop in when you are able to. There is a class at 9.00 am every weekday plus an earlier Friday morning class at 7.30 am (45 minutes long). The practice is consistent for the week. If a posture or idea captures the imagination of the class, we will explore it the following week too: online/morning-dailies

  • Single class:
    • Full rate @ £6.50 / Lower rate @ £5.00
  • One week of five classes (can include Friday’s Early Bird)
    • Full rate @ £28 / Lower rate @ £20.00

Yoga Study Group

These groups will meet every six to eight weeks. There’s the option to come in person (maximum of 5) or online. This is an ideal group to attend if you have felt limited by or unable to come to online classes: friday-morning-study-group

  • When: Friday 13th November, 10.45 -13.00
  • Where: Yatton RFC, BS49 4BR
  • Maximum 5 people in person (ONE SPACE LEFT)
  • Maximum 5 people online
  • Topic: the klesa (as described in the Yoga Sutras)
  • Cost: Full rate £15 / Lower rate £10

Meditation evenings

An online guided meditation is held on Monday evenings, twice a month (holidays allowing). Next time we will be focusing on the qualities of a candle – through imagination or for real, it’s up to you: meditation

  • When: 9 & 23 November & 14 December
  • Time: 2000 – 2045
  • Full rate £6.50 / Lower rate £5.00

Reiki Shares

This group have been meeting since the end of March. Through lockdown we met weekly, then fortnightly and now once a month on Monday mornings: reiki-online

  • When: 9 November, 7 December
  • Time: 1000 – 1115
  • Full rate @ £6.50
  • Lower rate @ £5.00

Distant Healing

I am regularly asked to send healing. The reasons are varied and if you are curious, please follow the link to find out more: distant-healing-requests

I think that’s it for now! I am on holiday for the last week of October. I look forward to seeing you soon, please get in touch if you have any questions or if there is something you are looking for and it isn’t listed here or on the website

Yvonne x

Menopause: Yoga Practice No.1

I have a new website to run alongside this one. It focuses on women’s health and the different cycles we live with and move through. I know we don’t need to talk about this everyday but we should be able to talk to each other if we need to.

I have posted my first blog about the menopause and yoga. This will be an ongoing series. As I read through different resources, the main self-help is to calm the nervous system and give ourselves permission to do what we would tell our family and friends to do: take time out, do something you love doing, give yourself some space to work out what you need, nourish yourself …

There are plenty of ideas about yoga practice during menopause. I am not sure about particular asanas (postures) stimulating specific endocrine glands but I am sure about the effect on the body, to bring it to a balance and to open the joints and heart. I am sure about the effect of the breath on the mind, head and body. I feel myself move from agitation to stillness when I gift myself the time to pause. I have changed my own practice and am beginning to feel the effects, particularly during the night. The last two nights I haven’t woken until 5 am and I went back to sleep. That’s not happened for a while!

If you are interested, have a read via the link and sign up for the newsletters by email:

Yvonne x

Yoga Study Group: Friday Morning, 13 November

Assuming we are still allowed to meet …

An invitation to meet on a Friday morning every six to eight weeks where we can meet in person to talk about yoga and share practice. I am really happy to be able to teach online but would like to meet in the real world too. I thought this would be a great way to support our online lessons. If it’s popular I will organise to meet more frequently. There is the option to attend online if you would like to come but do not feel comfortable meeting as a group.

Yatton Rugby Club may seem an odd choice of venue but the room is immaculate and private – my parents are involved with the running and upkeep of the club so I feel comfortable and confident that the space is as safe as it can be. With a maximum of six people in the room (including me), we can socially distance, wearing masks when we travel off our mats. There’s a small kitchenette for teas and coffees.

  • When: Friday 13th November, 10.45 -13.00
  • Where: Yatton RFC, BS49 4BR
  • Maximum 5 people in person / 5 people online
  • Topic: the klesa
  • Cost: Full rate £15 / Lower rate £10

Required: your own yoga mat and face mask. I will provide tea and coffee but if you would prefer to bring your own please do

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