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Face to Therapies from Monday 13 July

Following yesterday’s announcement, I am permitted to see you for individual therapies from next week. I have put available therapies on the booking system with a choice of one hour or 45 minutes. There is a 45 minute break between appointments to allow for cleaning and resetting the space for the next person.

Online services are still available, particularly for yoga, meditation and reiki. The Morning Dailies continue with additional earlier classes on Monday (8.00 am), Wednesday (8.00 am) and Early Bird Fridays (7.30 am): Online Spaces and Early Bird Fridays

I am hoping to organise a face to face yoga class in August. This is most likely to be on a Wednesday morning.

If you book your appointment online I will send practical information about our time together and directions to my new work space in Long Ashton. Some of this information is available to read on the Prices page. If you would like to message me to book your appointment or ask any questions, here’s the link: contact

I am rather tired and square eyed from all these changes today so am stopping work until Monday! If anything doesn’t make sense to you, assume it is me not you! Do let me know. Looking forward to welcoming you to my new space even if we are all masked up!

Have a super weekend

Yvonne x

Embodied Health … Offline!

Evening everyone!

I’ve been looking at the Government guidelines following today’s announcement and it appears that from Monday 13 July I will be able to resume massage and reflexology with some precautions in place. I will be checking all the information closely tomorrow to ensure guidelines are satisfied and that you feel reassured, comfortable and safe (the face visor is already in the post apparently). In terms of individual yoga lessons, I do not think I will be able to teach indoors until 25 July when gyms are able to open their indoor spaces.

Some of the precautions will be :

  • increased cleaning and sanitisation of the environment, you and me!
  • single use of towels and covers – as per normal
  • good ventilation (do wear layers)
  • avoidance of work around the face
  • me to wear a face visor (It is not obligatory for you to wear a mask but a report on the news tonight from scientists in Seattle said that it really makes a difference to transmission and they do not understand why the UK Government are not more prescriptive. On their figures, 20,000 lives in the UK could be saved between now and November…)
  • time between clients to allow for cleaning and ventilating room
  • we might decide shorter appointments would be helpful
  • an assessment 24 hours before your appointment to check you are symptom free and have not been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19

I am aware that this will be a difficult time for some of you. We have all been isolating to some degree. I completely understand that there will be reluctance to make this next step. You need to decide what is right for you individually. I’m not planning on going anywhere, I will be here when you are ready. For those of you who would like to book in, I will set out the online diary so you can book your appointment – I will let you know when I’ve done this.

Yoga Online will continue for the rest of July. I have been talking with local halls and premises and they need time to decide how they want to run their spaces and set up procedures.

Let’s hope that this works for everyone and we don’t all crumble. That phrase ‘this can all be reversed’ is ever present.

Let me know your thoughts, Yvonne x

I’m celebrating

I’ve just taught a face to face yoga lesson in my garden and it was wonderful! I felt nervous. This was not because of the pandemic but because I felt I was stepping into the new and unknown, then my lovely person turned up and it was completely normal, familiar, lovely and human. She has confirmed that she is a very happy outdoor student!

Yoga teachers have been able to teach outside to groups of six for sometime but as the online provision suited most of you, I decided to continue classes online and these still continue. We have been meeting online for 17 weeks! After some organisation at the weekend, I am very happy to say that there is access to my garden, where there is a private space to work together in the real world. In line with Government guidelines, we are able to maintain a distance of two metres and there is copious fresh air.

You can book online or contact me direct. I will contact you on the day of your lesson to confirm that the weather is on our side (and to check that you have none of the Covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with someone who has Covid-19).

  • Full rate @ £45.00
  • Lower rate @ £35.00
  • Please provide your own yoga equipment

I could teach a small group in the garden but it isn’t a nice flat rectangular space! It’s a Long Ashton up and down garden! If a few of you fancy giving it a go let me know and I will set up a taster session.

All online provision remains. Thank you for your continued support and openness to doing yoga differently. I think we have all adapted incredibly well. Yoga = strength and flexibility; wouldn’t be without it.

Happy days!

Yvonne x

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