All things being well …

spring blossomThank you for all your lovely messages and warm well wishes.  I finally feel like I am in recovery.  Still a little fragile but moving in the right direction which is a huge relief.  All being well, I will be back to work on Monday.

Monday evening there is a reiki share (1900 – 2100), please let me know if you would like to come along.  I’m really looking forward to this!  There are four spaces left and you are welcome however little or much reiki experience you have:  reiki shares

And yoga returns for a reduced four week term on Wednesday (3 classes) and Friday morning.  All classes now have spaces.  Thank you for being patient, I very rarely cancel yoga.  Please let me know if you would like to join us for the term: Yoga at Yanley


Yoga Classes cancelled this week

Good morning!

I’m so sorry everyone but I need to cancel all my yoga classes this week.  I’ve joined the masses and succumbed to illness.  Some of you have already paid me.  I can either refund you or put it towards next term.  Please let me know what you would prefer.

I will be charging for a 4 week term as follows:

Wednesdays 28 February – 21 March:

  • 0930 – 1100 @ £40
  • 1800 – 1915 @ £35
  • 1930 – 2100 @ £40

Fridays 2 March – 23 March @ £10 per class (drop-in)

I am hoping to continue with one to one appointments from Thursday but will be in touch with you individually to confirm.

With thanks, Yvonne

Website: Ever evolving

I hope you had an inspiring and restful weekend.  I made a trip to Slimbridge and robin.jpgwhilst sitting in the Kingfisher hide was joined by this chap (or chap-ess).  I also saw my first flocks of lapwings.  I feel recalibrated.

I have spring-cleaned the website/blog.  If you do access it for information, let me know what you think.  I am hoping it is clearer to see what’s available and easier to read.

Right, now to do what I meant to start 2 hours ago …!  Hope your week has spaces to feel the oncoming Spring

February Newsletter

The days are beginning to rush towards the Equinox in March.  I’m really enjoying watching the light return.  I hope you are too.  There’s quite a bit going on this year.  I am slowly creating a full diary page with links to relevant information.  This will become the front page of the website, which I hope will make it easy to find everything.  In the meantime, here’s some highlights:

Early Bird Yoga

early bird yoga.jpg
Yanley Court this morning


Thank you for making it to Yanley Court in the dark and sometimes frost.  It’s been a great start to a new class.  We now have an extended break and return Friday 23 February for 5 weeks: Early Bird Yoga

Morning Retreats at Yanley

The February morning retreat is fully booked.  If you want to book for April, please message me or book online: Morning Retreats at Yanley

Wednesday Yoga

the loft
The Loft at Yanley Court

Next term runs 21 February to 21 March: 0930-1100; 1800-1915; 1930-2100.  Please email me to confirm attendance.  Details: Yoga at Yanley


Although classes have a break I am still available for appointments and individual lessons Monday to Friday.


Yoga on Dartmoor

Grimspound walk

For the residential retreat, I will be inviting you to return to High Heathercombe Retreat Centre on Dartmoor.  Spaces are not limited to students who have been away with me before, everyone is welcome.  There will be a maximum of 12 spaces.  There will be an option to arrive at different times during the day on the Friday.  I am waiting to confirm details and costs with the centre.  Once I have these I will let you have full details: Friday 28 September to Sunday 30 September.

Reiki Days

I am starting shared spaces for reiki practitioners, whether practice is personal or professional.  The first day is Monday 23 April.  There are 6 spaces, 2 have been booked: reiki days

Reiki courses

I’m really enjoying the reiki teaching and sharing ideas and ways of being with others.  The next introduction to Reiki is in May (Reiki I): reiki I course.

Reiki II will be available in August – unless holidays are an issue for those who are interested.  I am going to offer two levels to this teaching: everyone will develop their own practice and learn about reiki at this level.  There will be an option to develop this further with case studies and supervision; the aim is to support you to start your professional practice.  Details will be published soon.

Reiki shares

20170725_113412_resizedThese are ongoing: reiki shares.

REIKI SHARE ON 5 FEBRUARY IS POSPONED to  Monday 26 February 1900-2100


That’s it for now.  Thank you for your continued presence.  With love and blessings

Yvonne x






Newsletter for January 2018

This holiday has been restorative which is astounding.  I usually start January recovering from the end of December.20180107_162031_resized

Did you try the gratitude mandala?  I have created mine using the directions (North, East, South and West) to focus on different aspects of life.  For example, North relates to winter, material wealth, sensuality, muladhara/the root cakra, the Earth and pausing in the stillness found between the exhale and the inhale (the BK: bahya kumbaka).  Doing this reminded me of a post from April 2016 where I had a moment of clarity about needing to create space in my life.  This has continued and having a proper mid-winter break I am returning to practice with a few changes.

I am offering a new structure to my appointments to reclaim some evening time.  I appreciate this will benefit some and apologise to those of you for whom it makes appointments difficult.  I hope that having Monday evenings, Tuesday and Thursday mornings available, most people will be accommodated.  If you already have an appointment booked I will of course honour it.  If you would like to change your time with the different availability offered, please let me know:

  • Mondays:  1330 – 2000 (Reiki shares remain at 1230-1430 and 1900-2100)
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays:  1000 – 1700
  • Wednesdays:  1130 – 1400 & 1630 – 1730
  • (Yoga remains unchanged on Wednesday and Friday)

Price Increase:

I am in a position where it is necessary to increase my therapy prices (the last increase was February 2014).  This will take effect from 1 February 2018:

Massage, reflexology and reiki:

  • One Hour: £47.00
  • 90 minutes: £57.00
  • Concession rates are available on an individual basis


  • Individual yoga lessons (including for class students) remain the same.  Combined appointments of bodywork/yoga will increase by £2.00
  • Yoga classes remain the same

If anything is unclear please let me know.  Thank you for your continued presence and support.  I look forward to walking beside you through the year

Yvonne x



December & January dates

Image by Erika Pochybova-Johnson

These can all be found on the Diary page where you can find links to information:


  • Sunday 3 December, 1000 – 1400 Christmas Market at Yanley Court
  • Monday 11 December Reiki Shares:
    • 1230 – 1430
    • 1900 – 2100
  • Wednesday 13 December, last yoga lesson of the term
  • Holidays: I will be finishing work Friday afternoon 22 December


  • Tuesday 2 January, return to work with rested hands …
  • Wednesday 3 January, new 6 week yoga term starts:
    • 0930 – 1100
    • 1800 – 1915
    • 1930 – 2100
  • Friday 5 January, new yoga class, Early Bird Yoga: 0730 – 0830 (drop in class, 5 week term)
  • Monday 15 January, Reiki Share: 1900 – 2100
  • Friday 26 January and Monday 29 January: Reiki 1 Course (Introduction to reiki)





Snippets & Stuff


Just some snippets and stuff to bring to your attention.  Not very exciting but I hope you enjoyed the chortle at the start and a quick scan will let you choose which bits are relevant to you!:

Reiki shares:

20170725_113412_resizedThe last reiki share had an administrative gremlin!  To make amends, I’m offering two shares on Monday 11 December; one in the afternoon (1230-1430) and one in the evening (1900-2100).  Please use the online booking system to reserve your place (Book yoga/reiki/retreats tab) or let me know and I will make sure I put you on the system.  When all goes to plan, you will get a notification that you’re booked for your share.

In the New Year,  I will alternate the times of shares (afternoon or evening).

LINK: reiki shares

Morning retreat at Yanley:the loft

This is proving popular which is great.  The early bird rate is available until 1 December for the February morning:

  • Sunday 11 February 0930-1300 (5 places left)
  • Saturday 28 April 0930-1300

LINK: Morning Retreats at Yanley

Free Initial consultations:

These are available to discuss your situation and how we might work together.  You can book a telephone call (up to 20 minutes) or an appointment at Yanley Court (30 minutes), via the booking system.  Please use the notes section if helpful – this is confidential and will only be seen by me.

Book yoga/reiki/retreats

When you access online booking you will be taken to the appointments for therapies.  If you want to book yoga classes, reiki shares and courses or retreats, please go to the tab on the left of the screen ‘Book yoga/reiki/retreats’.

If you come to yoga already, you do not need to book your class online.  This is for new students only who want to try the class or join for the term for the first time.

Gift Vouchersgift cert

These are always available but might be particularly pertinent in December … You can buy vouchers for all treatments and yoga classes, retreats, reiki events etc.  Or someone can buy them for you.

The final bit of news is that we have a Christmas Market at Yanley Court on Sunday 3 December.  I hope we will see you there.

Thank you for your continued presence and support.

noah and nellie.jpg



Morning retreats at Yanley

Through 2018, I will be offering a space for retreat on Sunday mornings in the Loft at Yanley Court.  Not everyone can commit, or wants to commit, to a retreat away from home but most of us would like a space to reflect and connect.

An idea of the shape of the morning:


arrive for yoga practice, focusing more on asana


coffee break and a chance to catch up


group discussion about yoga philosophy or particular asana


short asana practice followed by pranayama (seated breathing practice) & meditation


prepare to return to the outside world by 1 pm
  • When: Sunday 11 February 2018
  • Suggested discussion: embracing Spring
  • Spaces: Maximum 10 (7 spaces left)
  • Cost: £30 per person; Early bird  cost (by 1 December 2017): £25 per person
  • Payment to be made at time of booking
  • Next date: Saturday 28 April 2018


A few things & a request …


Time away: This weekend I am travelling to Dartmoor with a group of lovely people to retreat with nature.  Once I finish work tomorrow (Thursday), I am away until next Tuesday (31 October).  The picture is of Grimspound.  We are hoping to walk there on Saturday morning.

Appointments: If you want to book an appointment please do use the ‘book appointment’ link to the right …  Or you can send me a message and I will reply on my return.

Yoga: If you want to join one of the classes, send me an email and I will confirm your place on my return.  There are a couple of spaces in each class.  The new term starts on Wednesday 1 November: Yoga at Yanley

Dates: Please see the diary page for details about retreat mornings (notice to be posted very soon), reiki shares and courses and provisional dates for the weekend retreat next year: Diary

And a request: I have been copying and pasting some testimonials from the website.  If you have the time, it would be wonderful if you could write a testimonial for the blog page.  It doesn’t need to be long or deeply felt unless you feel drawn to be long and deep!

It is useful for people who haven’t met me to have an insight about the therapies and/or yoga classes that I offer.  I know always feel more comfortable if I have a referral before contacting a new teacher/therapist.

Please email your words to me and state if you are happy for me to put your first name or would prefer to be anonymous.  I can then put them onto the blog Testimonial page.  Here’s what the page looks like: Link to Testimonials page

Thanking you in advance!

wandering in light & shadow


I have written some poems and reflections about the traditional nature celebrations through the year, as well as my time as a therapist working with clients who are on a cancer journey.   When a person shares their story it reveals itself in different ways physically and emotionally.  By releasing tension in the body and bringing the mind, breath and body into clearer relationship, a person’s individual healing mechanisms can make sense of that story.  I find writing helps me to make sense of the stories that come to me and gives me a space to understand my own response to those stories.

I have been encouraged by some wonderful people to publish the work I have completed and have made excuses not to.  Putting the excuses to one side, I realise it is fear that stops me from printing.  Fear is such an immobiliser.  So here they are!

There are three sections: ‘wandering through the year’ was written while I facilitated monthly meditations focusing on traditional celebrations of the year.  Being connected to the seasons is deeply supportive to my therapeutic work and personal practice. ‘wandering in the light of shadows’ and ‘wandering beside you’ emerged during my time working at Penny Brohn Cancer Care.  The writing describes my own emotions at that time and the collective experience of clients who allowed me to walk with them on their journeys.  The writing does not focus on one person but on the energy shared by human beings when living with cancer.

The poems are presented in an A5 black and white booklet.  Copies cost £4.00 (UK P&P £1.75).  Please ask if you would like a preview, there will be no obligation to buy.




Introduction to reiki

I am really enjoying the reiki shares and encourage anyone who is interested to come along for an evening of giving and receiving healing.  The next evening share is Monday 13 November (7.00 pm – 9.00 pm).

Link: Reiki share/gathering

If you want to understand more about reiki, how about coming to a course to learn about it?  This is a two day course to introduce you to the principles and practice of reiki for self-development and self-care.  The next foundation course for reiki is Friday 26 January and Monday 29 January.

Link: Reiki I Course

I am planning to offer reiki II in the Spring.

Diary dates for September & October ’17



  • Reiki gatherings: Monday 11 September and Monday 9 October, 1900 – 2100 (arrival from 1850), £10 per person for each evening
  • Reiki I course: Friday 22 September & Monday 25 September, and evening of Monday 16 October, £100 per person


  • Wednesdays 6 September – 11 October: 0930-1100 (spaces available); 1800-1915 spaces available); 1930-2100 (full) – see individual term prices on yoga page
  • Yoga on Dartmoor Retreat 27 -29 October: All places are now reserved but I will let you know if this changes

Chanting & Meditation Evening

  • Wednesday 18 October, 1900-2030 with tea after for those who can stay, £10 per person

Yoga news

Morning All!

Last night was the last of the summer sessions.  We’ve been working on hip strength and mobility which also allows knees and ankles to realign.  There have been some useful discussions.  Thank you for trying out new asana … which we then adapted.  I am rethinking the format for the summer sessions.  Yoga will be available but not on a weekly basis.  However that’s a whole year away!

Next week sees the return of term classes.  I am beginning a new theme for a year of practice.  We will be working with breathing techniques to support us through the year.  The different parts of the breath relate to the seasons and as we head into Autumn we will be focusing the exhale.  Autumn is the letting go of what we don’t need to prepare us for the rest we seek in Winter.

The exhale can allow us to change habitual habits and holding patterns – mental and physical.  The practice will be langhana which means an instrument to cultivate lightness; the asana will be more relaxing after the fire of summer, cooling to the body and calming to the mind.  Our practice will also bring us into svadhisthana, the sacral cakra.  This energetic centre is the seat of our creative impulse and encourages us to ‘go with the flow’.  In pranayama we will be using anuloma ujjayi.  Anuloma means going with the grain, alternate nostril breathing on the exhale only.

We will talk more about these ideas as the term and year progresses.

Wednesdays, 6 September – 11 October (6 weeks)
shoulder quote

The prices given are for 6 weeks, 5 weeks and 4 weeks respectively (if you can attend the full term but need to discuss a concessionary rate, please do get in touch with me):

  • 0930 – 1100 @ £60 / £55 / £50
  • 1800 – 1915 @ £55 / £50 / £45
  • 1930 – 2100 @ £60 / £55 / £50
This is offered on the following basis:
  • Payment to be made at the start of term irrespective of when you begin the term.  If you will not be at the first lesson, please arrange for payment by the start of term.
  • When paying for the term, tell me which lessons you will be absent from.  This will allow me to offer the space to students from other classes if they cannot attend their normal class.
  • Once you have committed to a payment option, I would ask that your commitment remains for the term.  That is, if for some reason you miss an additional lesson, for example you paid for 6 weeks but only made 5 weeks, then the 6 week payment stands.

It would be helpful to know if you are not returning to classes.  I am assuming if I haven’t heard from you that I will see you next week.

The diary has more dates and the blog menu gives information about individual yoga lessons and therapies.  Do have a read and let me know if anything is unclear or you have questions.

Look forward to seeing you next week!


Too Much Medicine? …

… The Problem of Overtreatment

This programme was broadcast in August on Radio 4.  It talks about the effects of screening programmes and advanced diagnostic tools particularly when people without symptoms are screened.  Sometimes disease is detected and needs treatment but it is also the case that disease is detected but it is something that will never matter.

Too Much Medicine? The Problem of Overtreatment

I hope you find it interesting.  Let me know what you think