About Yvonne

I have been a complementary therapist for 25 years. Various personal experiences have led me to explore Eastern styles of working the physical and energetic body

Over the years I have supported clients to create individual practice to bring clarity, awareness, strength and flexibility to everyday life. A practice requires mindful, consistent attention without punishment. We can all have a life of joy and learning but it requires awareness and a level of discipline. This is made simpler by the presence of a therapist or teacher; for some a group is really useful. My practices include influences from yoga, Ayurveda, bodywork (massage and reflexology) and reiki.

The body has its own intelligence. It affects and is affected by the mind. The breath informs this relationship. Working with the breath, body and mind during an appointment can create space to heal and develop or just to pause. Allowing a space for mental and physical alignment and stillness can be a profound experience

I live in Long Ashton, North Somerset, with my family. We all live and work from home. It’s a busy house but my therapy room provides a wonderful sanctuary for me as well as visiting clients

a potted history

I began my working life at 17 (1989) in Jermyn Street, London, as a secretary; various secretarial and PA positions followed (charities and BBC). A round the world ticket led to a BSc (Hons) with the Open University (1993-2002). During one summer school I met a reflexologist. That brief meeting healed trauma from a life-threatening accident in my teenage years. I started to really assimilate the excellent healing I was receiving from osteopathy, homeopathy and Alexander Technique. I had never fully processed the physical and emotional shock of the accident. Nothing seemed to hold. The reflexology released the shock and trauma and allowed a much deeper healing to take place. It was my life changing therapy.

Other training followed, the urge seeming to naturally arrive when I was ready to learn and develop:

  • Yoga and Yoga Therapy
  • Thai Massage & Bodywork
  • Reiki
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition
  • Vertical Reflexology
  • Auricular Reflexology
  • Mentoring

My professional training started with reflexology (1999). I was drawn to homeopathy (2002-2004). This really opened me to the philosophy of healing and cure and the ability we have to heal ourselves, given the right input. In addition, I had a lengthy and amazing reiki training (2003-2009). In 2020 I completed a second reiki master training which has formed the basis of my new courses. Thai Massage entered my life bringing me ever closer to applying yoga as a therapy (2007). Finally I stepped up and spent five years learning about the philosophy, teaching and practice of yoga (2010-2015). During this time, I learned some rudimentary Ayurvedic theory and explored this further through Ayurvedic massage (2019) and then completed an Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle diploma (2022)

My learning and development continues


Over the years I have been lucky enough to work alongside other experienced and creative therapists:

  • Yanley Court, Long Ashton
  • Southville Clinic, Dean Lane, Bristol
  • The Family Practice, Gloucester Road, Bristol
  • The Chandos Clinc, Redland, Bristol
  • BBC Occupational Health, Clifton

Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork – Thai Massage Tutor


I taught introductory workshops and the Professional Thai Massage Diploma to experienced bodywork therapists and students embarking on a career in bodywork. I was given space to develop the course and embrace the more energetic and intuitive aspects of bodywork. It was a developmental and life-confirming time for me

I also assisted teaching Anatomy and Physiology. This aspect was a mixed experience. I learned much but the A&P classroom was not for me

Penny Brohn Cancer Care – Bodyworker on the Core Team


I worked as part of the core therapy team, providing bodywork in the form of massage and reflexology to cancer clients and their supporters. I was based in Cancerpoint and also supported the various retreats offered by the centre. I co-facilitated the Living Well introductory course to Penny Brohn’s ethos. This course brought attention to the many ways we can help our own healing whilst embracing medical treatment and/or alternative therapies

I continue to work with clients undergoing treatment for cancer and beyond

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