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Dates for March

I will be taking some time off from 29 March to 9 April (this excludes the Reiki talks and Term Yoga). I should be able to open my therapy doors for in-person appointments from 12 April providing the dates given remain unchanged. I will… Continue Reading “Dates for March”

Reiki News: shares, Distant Healing, Courses

ONLINE REIKI SHARES From November we have a different time to meet online: Monday mornings, about every four weeks, up to 75 minutes Price remains the same full price £6.50 / lower rate £5.00 Confirming dates for the rest of the year Friday, 16… Continue Reading “Reiki News: shares, Distant Healing, Courses”

Updates, including Yoga in the Autumn

We really have started autumn! It’s been very quiet working from my therapy room today. There have been no children running down to the playground. It reminds me of the Pied Piper story however I assume they are at school! And for us, this… Continue Reading “Updates, including Yoga in the Autumn”