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Self care with Reiki

This weekend I taught two students their master teacher level of reiki: Reiki III. As with any higher level course, the learning is not restricted to teaching hours and there is a further deepening of spiritual practice and connection. For Reiki III, students have… Continue Reading “Self care with Reiki”


Here are three reviews from the June retreat – two are a repost as my first attempt offered you a black canvas! They make me yearn to be back in the valley. The connections made with each other and the land were joyous and… Continue Reading “Retreats!”

Reviews from the June Retreat

If you’re considering the retreat in September you might like to read some reviews from the last retreat. In September I invite you join me in Shropshire for a Gratitude and Restoration retreat. I will be drawing on practices from different traditions to explore… Continue Reading “Reviews from the June Retreat”