Embodying Reiki

For reiki practitioners to share practice and time in community. These spaces will develop and what we do will vary. If you have something you want to explore, let me know. I am keeping the price low to encourage sustainable regular participation. I will try to offer a space each month, alternating between an indoor meeting and walking in nature. Our time together can include:

  • receiving empowerments, sharing meditation, peer supervision, meeting in nature, telling stories, discussion, talking and listening, unstructured gatherings, coffee and cake, tea and cake …

study & reflection

Time to reflect on our Reiki practice and philosophy with a focus on individual development. This space can also include discussing ideas that are often associated with Reiki but are not part of the original practice, for example tie cutting, space clearing, personal protection, chakras

  • Where: embodied reiki (my therapy room), Long Ashton
  • When: 1400-1700 Friday 3 December: for Reiki I & II practitioners – spaces available
    • Suggested Focus: where are you in your practice? time to share your experience, ask questions and explore how to shape your individual practice
  • Cost: Ā£15.00
  • Book Online or Contact

reiki walks

I would like to meet in nature in the spirit of Just for today … The starting point will be to walk in the air and space and see what develops for the group. This space will respond to what is present for the group and the weather on offer. I want this space to be simple and I am exploring walks that I hope will be accessible to most with spaces to pause and sit in quiet reflection. I will try to keep walks within an hour of Long Ashton. Depending on the time of year, we can meet for a few hours or the day.

  • Where: To begin this space, I have chosen a local space. We will walk the trails at Ashton Court and spend time at the Ash Arch and Heart Oak at the top
  • When: 1330-1630 Friday 28 January, meet inside the Long Ashton entrance/gatehouse
  • What to bring: sustenance and something to sit on
  • Cost: Ā£10
  • Book Online or Contact
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