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Yoga for NHS Together

We raised a magnificent £360 for NHS Charities Together Thank you so much! The NHS is currently facing the most challenging period in its history. Donations to NHS Charities Together enable the health service to go above and beyond. Through its 241 member charities… Continue Reading “Yoga for NHS Together”

Reiki: Talks, Courses …

Thank you to everyone who attended the Reiki talks in March. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences and understanding of Reiki. There was a mix of experience present at the talks, from none at all to Reiki Teacher/Master Level. And thank you for your… Continue Reading “Reiki: Talks, Courses …”

Yoga for Easter & NHS Together

Amount Raised £360! Thank you so much! I have recorded a 30 minute yoga practice based on the Morning Dailies practice. There’s a bit of balancing in there. Please use support if you are not used to balances. This can be a chair, blocks… Continue Reading “Yoga for Easter & NHS Together”