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Morning Dailies

Daily yoga classes:

  • 0900-0930 Monday to Friday
  • 0730-0800 Monday
  • 0730-0815 Friday

August Yoga

Wednesday evening yoga returns for four weeks:

  • 1800-1900
  • 1930-2030


Monday evening

  • 2000-2045

Reiki Share

Friday afternoon

  • 1400-1500

These classes continue online for the time being. When you book in, I will send you the link to join online. Click the title of each column for more information. You can book online or contact me

Face to face therapies are available. I will send paperwork and directions once you have booked in but if you need to ask me some questions first, please get in touch: massage, reflexology, reiki and individual yoga lessons

Embodied Health … Offline!

Evening everyone!

I’ve been looking at the Government guidelines following today’s announcement and it appears that from Monday 13 July I will be able to resume massage and reflexology with some precautions in place. I will be checking all the information closely tomorrow to ensure guidelines are satisfied and that you feel reassured, comfortable and safe (the face visor is already in the post apparently). In terms of individual yoga lessons, I do not think I will be able to teach indoors until 25 July when gyms are able to open their indoor spaces.

Some of the precautions will be :

  • increased cleaning and sanitisation of the environment, you and me!
  • single use of towels and covers – as per normal
  • good ventilation (do wear layers)
  • avoidance of work around the face
  • me to wear a face visor (It is not obligatory for you to wear a mask but a report on the news tonight from scientists in Seattle said that it really makes a difference to transmission and they do not understand why the UK Government are not more prescriptive. On their figures, 20,000 lives in the UK could be saved between now and November…)
  • time between clients to allow for cleaning and ventilating room
  • we might decide shorter appointments would be helpful
  • an assessment 24 hours before your appointment to check you are symptom free and have not been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19

I am aware that this will be a difficult time for some of you. We have all been isolating to some degree. I completely understand that there will be reluctance to make this next step. You need to decide what is right for you individually. I’m not planning on going anywhere, I will be here when you are ready. For those of you who would like to book in, I will set out the online diary so you can book your appointment – I will let you know when I’ve done this.

Yoga Online will continue for the rest of July. I have been talking with local halls and premises and they need time to decide how they want to run their spaces and set up procedures.

Let’s hope that this works for everyone and we don’t all crumble. That phrase ‘this can all be reversed’ is ever present.

Let me know your thoughts, Yvonne x


After a couple of stunning days, today is a bit mizzley! How about some nourishing bodywork to make you feel warm and centred:

  • Ayurvedic massage with herb infused oils will warm you and balance you inside and out
  • Thai massage (couch based) will iron out all the tension and mobilise those stiff joints leaving you feeling ‘put back together’ and energised
  • Reflexology has the potential to relax you and stimulate your immune system, helping you to get rid of lingering symptoms
  • Reiki provides stillness and space, stopping the world for a bit to give you time to reflect and regroup
  • Yoga brings the focus to your breath, informing the mind and body and bringing them into relationship to allow transformation

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