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Category: Thai massage

Cores and centres

What is our core and what is our centre?  I often use core and centre interchangeably but in my head, I make two distinctions: my core is physical and my […]

bodywork: the pelvic girdle

Last Saturday I found my way to a secret garden (Kingwell Walled Garden, Timsbury) to attend a workshop with Markus Heimpel.  Markus is a practitioner and teacher of shiatsu and […]

Thoughts on Thai Massage & Energy

Thai medicine has both folklore and science at its centre. It has also been influenced by ideas from Indian and China. I have been looking at the energy model for […]

Thai Foot Massage

I made my way to Kent to study TFM with Simon Piers Gall.  It was a great day but I came away unsure of how to implement this therapeutic approach […]