Dates for March

I will be taking some time off from 29 March to 9 April (this excludes the Reiki talks and Term Yoga). I should be able to open my therapy doors for in-person appointments from 12 April providing the dates given remain unchanged.

I will be recording a 30 minute yoga practice for the time I am not available and be requesting donations for NHS Charities Together (information to follow nearer the time)

Here are dates for the diary for March. You can find these on the Calendar page and through the links for individual events:

  • Online Reiki Share, 1000-1115, Monday 8 March: Reiki Shares
  • Online Yoga Evening Breathing Space, 2000-2030, Monday 8 March: Evening Breathing Space
  • Online Wednesday Term Yoga, 1800-1900 & 1915-2015, four classes remaining (last one is 31 March): A Term of Yoga
  • Online Coffee Pot Philosophy Chat, 1415-1515, Friday 19 March: Coffee Pot Philosophy
  • Online Guided Evening Meditation, 2000-2045, Monday 22 March, with a Spring Equinox focus: Guided Meditation
  • A series of three free online Reiki Talks, 1900-1945, Sunday 28 March, Monday 29 March and Tuesday 30 March: Invitation: An Introduction to Reiki
  • Every morning 945-1015, Reiki practice (I will be writing more about this)

With thanks Yvonne x

Invitation: An Introduction to Reiki

I am reposting this to highlight that these talks are free of charge. I will be recording each of the talks, so if you cannot make all three I will make the presentation part of each talk available for a limited time. The general discussions we share, will not be recorded. There are still spaces left which can booked online or via me. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with you.

Reiki is something most people have heard of but are unsure of what it is. How to pronounce it is problematic enough. In English it is said ‘Ray-ki’. I am told in Japanese it is ‘Lay-ki’. It is an excellent meditation and relaxation technique. I would like to tell you about it and perhaps dispel some myths so I have put together three 45 minute talks to introduce you to Reiki. There is no catch at the end of these. You can come along and learn about this simple but profound practice and leave it there. I will be leading a meditation in each so I hope you will gain understanding and be pleasantly relaxed by the end of each meeting.

If you are interested in the practice, I am offering courses from June providing restrictions are lifted but there’s no hard sell. If you want to learn more then I would obviously love to teach you: reiki courses

Talk #One

  • Where did Reiki come from?
  • What are the principles of Reiki?
  • What is absent or distant healing?
  • The role of ceremony
  • A Guided Meditation and Relaxation Technique

Talk #Two

  • What is Energy in Reiki terms?
  • What is the role of Reiki?
  • How do the Reiki Symbols work?
  • Yantra and Kotodama

Talk #Three

  • What are the different levels of Reiki?
  • Other influences – what is and what isn’t Reiki?
  • The gift of Reiki and personal practice

Dates for talks

  • Dates
    • Talk 1: Sunday 28 March
    • Talk 2: Monday 29 March
    • Talk 3: Tuesday 30 March
    • More dates in May 2021
  • Time
    • 1900-1945
  • Where
    • On zoom, link to be provided

Booking your place

You can do this online or send me a message and I will book you on the talks:

The next few months …

My walk on Tuesday morning to Ashton Court was total joy. I met some new trees and sat under my favourtie oak. Now I’ve tempted you in with some of nature’s finest – I will try to make this as painless as possible. I’m sure you are feeling thin around lockdown … not lockdown .. etc. The main dates that potentially affect my practice but are dependent on the guidelines issued by the Government are:

  • 12 April – in person appointments will be available to everyone with continued screening, mask wearing, hand washing and sensible precautions (as at the end of the first and second lockdown)
  • 17 May – indoor groups and classes can meet
  • 21 June – all social restrictions lifted (we can dream …)

The Morning Dailies / Friday Early Birds

These are a thing and I want them to continue. Whether we are in lockdown or not, I will be online Monday to Friday at 9.00 am and 7.30 am on Friday mornings. For those of you who have been coming most weeks for the last year, you are not obliged to continue but I want you to know that this space remains. I will be writing to you separately.

Wednesday Evening Yoga

The two evening yoga classes will remain online. I will write to everyone who comes to the classes to explain. I will be offering a series of sangha / daytime meetings for us to come together in the real world. This will probably be in the Autumn unless when restrictions are lifted we feel it is appropriate to organise something sooner. A measured response is still needed.

Monday Meditative Spaces

I am continuing online Guided Meditations and Evening Breathing Spaces on Monday evenings. I am also going to start an in-person reiki share. The three evenings will cycle round one another with some Mondays being free of events.

Reiki Courses, Shares and Talks

Shares will be online and in-person. Reiki Courses I (one) begin in June with Reiki II available in the autumn. There is a series of three 45 minute online talks organised for the end of March. There is no charge. I will be introducing Reiki practice and leading short meditations. If you cannot come to all three talks, there will be a recording available for a limited time: Invitation: An Introduction to Reiki

In-Person Appointments

Currently I am able to see people in-person providing the benefit outweighs the risk. Please contact me if you want to know more.

From 12 April providing restrictions are eased, I will be open to everyone. As before, I will send out screening emails, you will need to wear a mask and there will be handwashing and extended time between appointments to avoid clients meeting and to allow time to clean and ventilate the room properly etc.

If you want to book something in and avoid having to change the appointment, I suggest you look towards the end of April. If you’re happy to roll with it then please book from the 12th!

How will my practice look?

I know there needs to be flexibility in response to the ‘roadmap’. Not everyone wants to come out of lockdown or return to life as it was, not wholesale anyway. Please return when you feel you are ready.

My contact with COVID has been indirect through supporting others. And there have been some upsetting and terrible stories shared and witnessed. It has been a humbling experience to listen and watch you walk a difficult path.

I am with the people who have been lucky during this experience. Apart from restriction and bouts of frustration and weariness, I confess that I have had some benefit from the national situation: with your open approach to meeting me online, I have been able to continue to grow a sustainable business; I have attended courses; taken time to study and develop; and tried out new ways of working. I’m deeply grateful.

I will maintain and develop my new online business alongside face to face therapies and teaching. My yoga practice has been foregrounded over the last year with more people accessing regular classes, individual lessons and exploring meditation. Reiki shares moved online (never thought that would be a thing but it makes complete sense that is) and I have been writing and developing new courses to teach.

All of these activities require an amount of time and space to be creative, research and prepare which was provided by the long dark days of winter. I have and I am enjoying it. It has been a gift to consider how I want to develop. Enough rambling, I believe my diary will look like this:


  • Yoga Morning Dailies, Monday to Friday 9.00-9.30 am
  • Yoga Early Bird Fridays, 7.30-8.15 am
  • Wednesday Term Yoga, 6.00-7.00 pm and 7.15-8.15 pm
  • Monday Evening Meditative spaces starting at 8.00 pm, most Mondays
  • Reiki Shares, Mondays 10.00-11.15 am (also in-person Mondays 7.00 – 8.30 pm), one of each/month
  • Yoga Coffee Pot Philosophy, Fridays 2.15 – 3.15 pm, every 3 weeks

In Person/Face to face

  • Therapies and individual yoga lessons (there will be some flexibility):
    • Mondays 1.45 pm – 6.30 pm
    • Tuesdays 1.45 pm – 6.30 pm
    • Thursdays 2.15 – 6.30 pm
    • Fridays 10.15 – 3.00 pm
  • Reiki courses, Saturdays 9.30 am – 5.00 pm, spread through year
  • Reiki day socials, single days spread through year
  • Sangha (Yoga mornings/afternoons/days): 3 or4/year; probably on a Sunday but open to suggestions
  • Residential Weekend Yoga/Healing Retreats: 1/year

I think that’s enough for now! Please look round the site for more information. If you want guidance, have suggestions or questions then I would love to hear from you: Contact

And with all my heart – thank you

Yvonne x