Summer Solstice

WP_20150624_12_27_48_ProAn important day today.  A still point in the rush of summer.  An opportunity to reflect and show gratitude for the abundance around us and use the fire of summer to create change where necessary, release the dross we do not need and find some clarity in the light.


Yvonne x


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Morning Retreat

Some comments about the morning retreat:

‘… a quiet afternoon after a lovely morning.  Thank you for a lovely start to half-term’

‘… I did enjoy the morning it was perfectly paced. Thank you …’

‘… It was really lovely.  I’ve missed your classes in that beautiful space, and great to practise again in a group …’

‘… It was very different from other classes I have been to. Reflection is not my thing! I did find that we were standing too long which effectively seized up my lower back but it did recover.  It was good to get a different experience but I am not sure that it ticks my boxes. Thank you anyway’

‘… I thoroughly enjoyed the morning.  For me it was the right mix of yoga, discussions and meditation …’

‘... I think this morning was a real success … especially on a Sunday …’






Reflexology & well-being

‘I started seeing Yvonne for reflexology.  The idea behind it was for an immune system boost (as I have suffered from frequent chest infections for many years) and for general health and well being, as well as the obvious chance to relax amidst a rather full life style. 

Yvonne is very calm and always seems genuinely interested in where I am. The reflexology is superb and I feel in such expert hands. I hold my monthly session in such high esteem and absolutely value the space that Yvonne creates in her therapy room. There is no expectation to bring or behave or be anything other that exactly who I am in the room. 

It is probably the only time I truly relax and let go in a very powerful and magical hour. Not only do I instantly feel better for having ‘let go’ but the long lasting and accumulative effect definitely has seemed to mean that my ongoing chest issue is changing for the better. 

Thank you Yvonne… are a fantastic therapist and enabler :-)’ (Nicky)

Times of life

‘I started to see Yvonne for reflexology to help with hormone imbalance linked to menopause. The treatment was calming and supportive. I now have Thai massage which is enormously beneficial in undoing the strains and holding patterns in my body. I find that my time with Yvonne feels like respite from a busy world!’ (Lesley)