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Yoga in Long Ashton

What Friday classes offer

The classes are small so you can practice in a group and receive individual attention. It’s not unusual for someone to turn up with a muscular issue or having a moment of overwhelm. Everyone can be accommodated.

These classes meet your need to practice with others. There is community as well as personal practice

Yoga is not exercise

Yoga is meditative practice. It encourages the balance of strength and flexibility mediated by conscious breathwork. It connects your mind and body through the nervous system. A system that allows all internal communication and has to manage the external world as life comes at us at speed. The state of the nervous system impacts everything: our state of health, our sense of self and wellbeing, our behaviour and our relationships

Yoga is a practice. To establish regular practice is to look after ourselves. Yoga permeates all levels of being: mind, body, heart and spirit. When we are healthy we can take it for granted. Yoga keeps us connected to our true state and keeps us present in life

I can write many things about the advantages of yoga but the bottom line is to realise the benefit of practice you have to do it.

What do you need?

You need to be able to stand on a mat and breathe

For more information

If you want to discuss different classes, please get in touch for a chat. You can also follow the links below

Concessions are available if you want to sign up to a class but are restricted by finance

Yoga is for everyone