I began my reiki journey with some cynicism. It is a gentle teacher and constantly amazes me. How can something so simple be so profound?

Reiki is a meditative, relaxation practice encouraging self-awareness & healing.

If you want to sit back and listen to a talk about Reiki, I suggest you grab a cup of something, put your feet up and press play …

Courses and Shares

Reiki I courses are available in June (restrictions allowing). Reiki II is scheduled for October: Reiki Courses

Reiki shares continue online on Monday mornings. I am hoping that by July we will be able to meet on Monday evenings as well as the mornings online. You do not need to have been on a course to access this space. It’s a great way to begin your reiki journey: Reiki Shares

Reiki as a therapy

Face to face sessions will be available after lockdown. Online appointments are available now. This can include distant healing and guided meditation. It can also be a space to talk through how you are and discuss questions about reiki/healing

  • One hour @ £48
  • 45 minutes @ £38
  • Concession rates are available. Please contact me to discuss and arrange your appointment
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