Reiki III Course

I have been a Reiki Teacher/Master since 2009 following a two year apprenticeship with Nixie James-Scott. At the beginning of 2020 I decided to rest my courses while I undertook further development and study.

Last year, I studied a second course at Reiki Teacher/Master level. It is not unusual for Reiki Teachers/Masters to work with different teachers to develop their practice and understanding. I studied with Lucie Emmett following the approach of Reiki Evolution. This approach strips Reiki back to what is considered to be the original teachings. As with yoga, there are many approaches to Reiki. Different schools and practitioners have incorporated information from other healing modalities and they work very well. I was drawn to Reiki Evolution for its simplicity and clarity of teaching. I enjoyed exploring the distinction between what they teach is Reiki and what is not.

Reiki does not need a direct connection to psychic or clairvoyant practices. My sensitivity has increased with practice but I am not clairvoyant so if this is something that is important to you then I may not be the teacher for you. I have an empathy with others and am very much in the present, this connection has deepened and is deepening. My approach is light, embodied and grounded. To practice Reiki for yourself or others, you need to develop:

  • trust
  • the ability to work from your own centre
  • to be in the moment
  • to be connected to your breath
  • to be open to the outcome

The Reiki courses are a combination of home study and practical workshops. I am also available for video chats to discuss your studies and experience. If you have studied Reiki before but would like to reconnect, you would be very welcome to book a course or attend a share.

If you would like to study with me and we have not met before, we can arrange a zoom call or meet up. It is important to have the space to discuss how I teach and for you to decide if I am the right teacher for you. It may be appropriate for you to attend Reiki II before starting Reiki III with me, but let’s talk: Contact

Reiki III

Next course: 19 & 20 August 2023

This level of Reiki requires more of you. At the end of the course you will be qualified to set up your own teaching practice. If there is space, you are welcome to attend my teaching courses to gain experience. We can also meet for supervision. I am offering additional Reiki days (see below).

There is pre-course preparation. You are encouraged to engage with the course materials about six weeks before your course date. How much you put into this is up to you. I would suggest three to four hours a week to read and carry out meditation practices. You need time to allow experiences to settle and be a reflective process. All course material is provided and I am available for a conversation if you need guidance with preparation

Continuing study is available. My suggestion is a two hour meeting every 6 to 8 weeks, either in person or by zoom @ £20.00 per person

Another optional extra: Informal Reiki days to provide a community space to explore and develop your own relationship to your Reiki practice. These are in my therapy room and in nature. There is a charge for these. Reiki shares are also available

The following information is to give you some idea of what is involved

Course Resources sent out 6 weeks before the course:

  • Shinpiden: Reiki Master/Teacher Course Manual
  • Two Reiki Master/Teacher Course MP3 format (duration nearly 2 hours)
  • One DVD

Pre Course preparation:

  • Continue with your own self healing practice and meditation
  • Familiarise yourself with course materials and the subjects to be covered
  • Read about and listen to audio tracks about reiki symbols
  • Learn symbols
  • Commit to a two week meditation practice focusing on the energies of two master symbols
  • Read about and listen to audio tracks on kotodama, intent and intuition
  • Using the manual and DVD, learn how to carry out second degree attunements and Reiju empowerments

Summary of Course Commitment

  • Pre Course Preparation to be done before the practical workshop. This is essential to get the most out of the practical workshops and play a part in group sessions – allow six weeks
  • Two day practical workshop

Cost of Course

  • Total Cost: £497
  • Deposit to be paid at time of booking £147
  • Balance due two weeks before practical weekend £350
  • Maximum two people / Reiki Master Teacher Course


Please send me an email to request more information:

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