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wandering in light & shadow


I have written some poems and reflections about the traditional nature celebrations through the year, as well as my time as a therapist working with clients who are on a cancer journey.   When a person shares their story it reveals itself in different ways physically and emotionally.  By releasing tension in the body and bringing the mind, breath and body into clearer relationship, a person’s individual healing mechanisms can make sense of that story.  I find writing helps me to make sense of the stories that come to me and gives me a space to understand my own response to those stories.

I have been encouraged by some wonderful people to publish the work I have completed and have made excuses not to.  Putting the excuses to one side, I realise it is fear that stops me from printing.  Fear is such an immobiliser.  So here they are!

There are three sections: ‘wandering through the year’ was written while I facilitated monthly meditations focusing on traditional celebrations of the year.  Being connected to the seasons is deeply supportive to my therapeutic work and personal practice. ‘wandering in the light of shadows’ and ‘wandering beside you’ emerged during my time working at Penny Brohn Cancer Care.  The writing describes my own emotions at that time and the collective experience of clients who allowed me to walk with them on their journeys.  The writing does not focus on one person but on the energy shared by human beings when living with cancer.

The poems are presented in an A5 black and white booklet.  Copies cost £4.00 (UK P&P £1.75).  Please ask if you would like a preview, there will be no obligation to buy.




guided meditation


Autumn Equinox – artist unknown

I’ve had an inspiring couple of days teaching reiki and spending time discussing energy.  As well as talking about the principles and application of healing, we discussed the expectations of others.  I am particularly struck by how we can be made to be responsible for other people’s connection, or lack of connection, to mystery.

On the second day we started with a short yoga pratice to recall the cakras and their location.  I remembered that I said I would record a guided meditation of svadhisthana (sacral cakra).  It’s not polished and is offered in the spirit of practice. I hope it provides you with a guided journey inwards.

Svadhisthana guided meditation

(This meditation is a combination of my class teaching and Sacral Meditation detailed in The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson (1999))

I hope you enjoy it.  Please let me know how you get on

Blessings, Yvonne