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Want to know more about the meditation gatherings?

I have been preparing some information for those of you who have booked in to explore meditation practice. It’s seems obvious to share it with everyone!

Monday evening is full but Friday morning has plenty of space. I’m open to running it at other times for a group if there is demand. Let me know: contact

Daytime & Evening Meditation Spaces

There is now a daytime meditation as well as an evening one to explore meditation practice. These spaces are for people who want to meditate but find it hard to practice or to maintain a practice. I hope our practice will develop so encourage you to come weekly but this is not obligatory.

The approach will be guided by the definition of meditation found in the Yoga Sutras. My feeling is that the only wrong way to meditate is not to do it. I suspect meditation does not work because it is surrounded in mystery and expectation. Meditation can be simple. You do not need the perfect space or the perfect head to practice.

I will email participants a couple of days before each session with some ideas to read in the form of a slide show. We can then discuss questions that have come up. This isn’t a test. You do not need to memorise anything! Just have a read and come to the session with an open mind and a comfortable chair/block/meditation stool. All that is needed is somewhere comfortable to be with minimum interruption. Do consider wearing earphones if you are in a busy home.

Follow the link for dates and prices: Evening/Daytime Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Online

I am now working from my therapy room at home and I’m really enjoying it. I am able to offer more online classes and these start next week, alongwith the Wednesday Term Yoga classes. If you know anyone who wants to start yoga, the new Monday morning class is a good place to start.

For June all classes are online. It may be that from July I can teach ‘face to face’ classes providing we can observe social distancing. If this is possible, I will teach these in addition to online classes. I know some of you expect to continue isolation practices. Here is the timetable for June:

Lessons to explore yoga practice: If you want to try a yoga class but always find an obstacle to booking one, this is the place for you! You can come to one class or every Monday (@ 1030) until you feel comfortable enough to join one of the other group spaces. You may decide that a brief encounter is all you need – you are not committing to ongoing practice if it is not for you

Evening meditation: I want to create a simple practice and dispel the idea that meditation is difficult or inaccessible. These evenings will be a gentle step towards learning to sit with your own thoughts. This is a practice to engage and focus the mind. To learn how to be with your natural busyness and intellect. The mind can be thought of as a child. You would not expect a child to sit still and silent without support and guidance. There are many ways to meditate, we can explore what they might be. We are starting small with a 30 – 45 minute space. This will be a mixture of talking about what meditation means to you and a guided practice (Mondays @ 2000)

Morning Dailies: 30 minute lessons every weekday morning @ 0930. Mondays and Fridays are popular so there are two additional classes on these days @ 0830. I am open to teaching 0830 class every weekday if there is demand

Wednesday Term Yoga: Term classes return the first Wednesday of June (next week) @ 1630, 1800 and 1930. I am teaching a four week term and then we will see if other options are available

Reiki Share: On Wednesday mornings there is a group reiki share. These are guided meditative experiences to connect with healing energy for the group and for the wider community. If you are interested but do not have any reiki experience, I suggest you book an individual appointment to experience this space: contact

If you have 30 seconds and are curious about how I made it from Yanley to home, here’s a short slideshow:

Do get in touch if you have any questions or want advice regarding yoga and bodywork.

I hope you have a beautiful day. These blue skies are breath taking

Yvonne x

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