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The next few months …

My walk on Tuesday morning to Ashton Court was total joy. I met some new trees and sat under my favourtie oak. Now I’ve tempted you in with some of nature’s finest – I will try to make this as painless as possible. I’m… Continue Reading “The next few months …”

Upcoming dates & Coffee Pot Philosophy

A reminder that Yoga Morning Dailies continue every weekday. Our Wednesday term yoga and morning classes have similar themes focusing on the exhale and BK (pause after the exhale) and releasing the muscle chain from the foot to the crown of the head and… Continue Reading “Upcoming dates & Coffee Pot Philosophy”

Next Week:

Appointments In Person therapies: (Couch Based) Massage & Bodywork Futon Based Bodywork Massage & Bodywork &/or Reflexology during pregnancy Reflexology Reiki &/or guided meditation Individual yoga lessons Yoga for pregnancy & active birth – individual lesson Combined yoga and bodywork appointments during pregnancy Term… Continue Reading “Next Week:”