This week

I’m not going to list all the things that are causing overwhelm. I needed a moment of positive images over the weekend and found huge solace in watching some of the Springwatch programmes yesterday. In addition, I watched my dear friend Nixie open the Bude Earth Festival (online) and felt reconnected to the earth beneath my feet. I thought I would share the link with you. Do listen to Chris’ song as well (via the link): earth-blessing-earth-festival

I know none of this stops the horrors we see on the news. The constant reminders of what has happened and what might happen are enough to derail the hardiest of souls; perhaps by staying present with one eye on our immediate environment and the treasures available we can steady the spirit to find a way to play our part in the present whether that is taking action or supporting those who are taking action for themselves or on behalf of us.

And this week online …

Hope to see some of you through the week. I leave you with this:

Yvonne x

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