Meditation gatherings

Morning – another beautiful day in the south of England. We will be in shock when the rain returns!

Last night was the first of four meditation gatherings via zoom. I enjoyed the evening and with it came some good lessons for me. I am running the evenings to dispel the notion that meditation is only for those who can sit quietly without a busy head. It can be a simple practice: short or long, seated or walking, alone or in company. The mind needs a focus to be engaged. Stillness and clarity might follow. It might not. But if busyness remains, your relationship with it will change.

Although I had the idea of simplicity in my head, my pre-evening information was not as simple as I thought it was. I forget that I have been learning about yoga and practice for a while now and I keep revisitng them – alone, with friends, with my teacher. So here is a much simpler picture show which would have been plenty of information for the evening:

I am repeating last night’s meeting on Friday morning at 11.00 am. Next week on Monday evening and Friday morning we will be exploring a different meditation technique. I am looking forward to exploring this space again – with more practice and less stuff!

I hope you are able to have a wonderful day!

Yvonne x

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