Meditation & Reiki Online

I began my reiki journey with some cynicism. It is a gentle teacher and constantly amazes me. How can something so simple be so profound?

Meditation is the practice of stillness with engagement. Working with reiki can deepen the experience. Reiki is the practice of connection and oneness

Individual engagement

We will start with a conversation to connect and discover the shape of the session. In talking together a way forward will reveal itself

  • 30 minutes @ £15
  • 45 minutes @ £20
  • via zoom, skype whatsapp or facebook

Reiki Shares

I offer regular shares for people to come together to share stories and reiki. Let’s take this to a virtual world. In Reiki teachings we are all connected, we are all one. Meeting up is obviously the ideal but we have been given the opportunity to explore a central tenet of Usui’s reiki – if we are all one we are always connected, distant healing is an illustration of this

Weekly Wednesday Shares for one hour @ £5 per person via Zoom, 1100-1200 am

  • Classes and appointments can all be booked online or via me
    • For Appointments you need to choose the Book Appointmet Tab in pull down menu or on left hand side
    • For Classes choose the Book Classes Tab in pull down menu or on left hand side – you need to click the cursor on the time you want
    • Last minute bookings book via me
    • If it all gets too much message me
  • Payment: you can pay at time of booking
    • by card on the booking system
    • by BACs (I am charged for 2.5% for all card payments but not for BACs; I will provide bank details individually)
  • When you receive your confirmation email, there is an option to change your booking or cancel it
  • There are no cancellation fees for appointments for the time being but please give as much notice as you can