I began my reiki journey with some cynicism. It is a gentle teacher and constantly amazes me. How can something so simple be so profound?

Reiki is a meditative practice to create self-awareness and support your spiritual journey. Reiki is the state of connection and oneness

Reiki Shares

I offer regular shares for people to come together to share stories and reiki. This is currently online. In Reiki teachings we are all connected, we are all one. Meeting up is obviously the ideal but we have been given the opportunity to explore a central tenet of Usui’s reiki – if we are all one we are always connected, distant healing is an illustration of this

There is one more share in July (Wednesday, 29th at 11.00 am) and then there is a day change and we will be moving to two shares per month:

  • Friday, 14 and 28 August at 1400/2.00 pm
  • Friday, 4 and 18 September at 1400/2.00 pm
  • Full rate @ £6.50
  • Lower rate @ £5.00
Reiki as a therapy

Face to face sessions are now available. If you feel wary about meeting up, I am happy to continue this online

  • Face to Face
    • One hour @ £48
    • 45 minutes @ £38 (full rate) / £23 (lower rate)
  • Online:
    • 45 minutes @ £35 (full rate) / £20 (lower rate)
  • via zoom, skype whatsapp or facebook