Yoga Terms – looking to the Autumn

Last term we worked with navāsana (boat pose) and śalabhāsana (locust pose), finding variations to allow everyone to access setting sail or flight in a way that was challenging but safe

There were discussions around core strength, back stability and hip flexibility. It was really lovely to work with zoom as though we were in a room together. Earlier this year, I started pre-recording asana so I could demonstrate, talk about the posture and then focus on you working on your mat. The feedback has been positive and I feel I’m teaching the group rather than being in a separate and disconnected room

The Autumn Term

Next term we will be continuing to strengthen the body and mind through movement and breath as well as promoting flexibility and adaptability. There is a difference between classes:

  • Wednesday evening (6.30 pm) is a longer class and allows for a longer asana practice. I will be developing these asana to offer more challenge. There will of course be variations available
    • Six week term starting 14 September @ £60.00
  • Monday (8.30 am) and Friday morning (7.30 am and 8.30 am) classes are similar to Wednesday but it is the start of the day so we are less likely to access challenging variations
    • Six week term starting 12 September
    • Per class or term payment available
  • The new class starting in Long Ashton on Friday mornings is for beginners and returners. The practices will be simple to allow time to coordinate breath with movement and to explore seated breathing practices and how to approach practice. This is a contained four week course. There are four spaces still available
    • for the in-person class, please bring a mat and block – I can lend these if you are unsure if yoga will continue beyond the course but I need to know in advance

For ONLINE CLASSES, please make sure the following is available to avoid having to disappear to find things. After the first lesson you will know what you need for subsequent lessons:

  • a stable chair with a back but no (and no castors!)
  • yoga mat (or non-slip surface for standing postures, a towel/blanket to sit or lie on for supine/seated postures)
  • a block (or firm cushion/pillow)
  • a bolster (or larger firm cushion/pillow)

Individual lessons

If you are wanting to deepen your practice, we can meet online or in-person to create a home practice with a personal focus. If you have been considering an Ayurvedic consultation, yoga could be part of this process so I would suggest you book a consultation first

An Ammerdown Aside

The last time I taught at Ammerdown, it included discussion about the Yoga Sutras and we ended up having some deep philosophical discussions. This worked for some and not for others.

The day of yoga in September will be more practice based to reflect on summer, promote digestion and prepare for autumn. This day has been organised by Ammerdown and so is an amazing price. To book you need to contact them direct. I hope some of you will join me there

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