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Thank you for your lovely emails and messages about our yoga practices this week. Both classes are focusing on the heart cakra or anahata. When we are balanced and the heart can be open and trusting, we can touch and be touched. And I am touched, thank you.

Next week, I will record the yoga nidra/guided meditation and make it available to everyone who has come to the Summer Sessions.

I look forward to our continued journeys over the summer and hearing your stories regarding the practice and your experience of yoga nidra.

Yvonne x

Elemental Workshop

Next Friday I am runnng the first of three workshops. There are many ideas around Reiki that are an additional practice to it.  I have been lucky to spend time with generous hearted teachers and friends to explore aspects of these.  The visualisations strengthen my connection to the seasons and the passage of time. 

You do not have to be a healer or therapist to come to the workshop. If you see me for bodywork or yoga, you may find some of the ideas interesting, perhaps even useful. Or maybe you are just curious!

We will be talking about how different traditions and nature-based practices use the elements for illustrating that we are very much a part of the Earth and Universe we inhabit. All life is element-based, we are not separate to it.

I will not be giving a unified theory of elemental practice. Instead, I will introduce ideas that I have learned or experienced in order to promote a conversation. When you start talking to others about these ideas, you hear some extraordinary stories of insight. We are all living to make sense of our internal and external world. An awareness of the elements is just another lens to look through – but for me a really important one.

  • When: Friday 3 May, 1330 – 1645
  • Where: Yvonne’s room!
  • Cost: £15.00
  • What to bring but not essential: something to write with if you like making notes, warm socks if you like to keep your feet wrapped up
  • Provided: a comfy space, tea/coffee – please let me know if you have any allergies/food intolerances
  • To book: contact

Hope you have a restful weekend, Yvonne x

This week … and New Year

Winter Solstice

I have finally reached a point where I cannot deny it’s almost Christmas.  I am more drawn to the Winter Solstice and the celebration of the returning of the light alongwith the continuation of withdrawal and dreaming; the planting of new ideas and wisdoms to be grown as the light returns. The Solstice is at the end of the week.  There are various articles and programmes about what is and what is not a Solstice tradition.  A friend and I have made our own!  I find it deeply restorative and it’s a moment to be part of time and the universe, not separate to it.  In terms of the breath, this is the time of the pause after the exhale, the BK / empty pot.  In this moment, we can let go of habits and holdings that are restrictive rather than supportive.  It’s a powerful moment to enjoy a pause and observe.  You may be surprised what it is your mind suggests you let go of.

This is my final week of work and them I am on holiday until 7 January 2019.  My diary is full this week but sometimes clients have to cancel so let me now if you were hoping to book in and I will contact you if a space becomes available. 

Yoga returns for a six week term on Wednesday 9 January at 1800 and 1930.  Please see Yanley Yoga for information.

Yoga practice: I have not managed to film a practice.  Technology failed me, or I failed it.  I will try again in the New Year.  In the meantime, here’s a practice to allow you to ease into the Solstice and take some time out especially if Christmas is a busy celebration for you.  Hopefully the postures will be familiar and the notation is self-explanatory.  Do ask if you are unsure.  Allow your body to explore the postures and keep the breathing gentle, be mindful without challenging the breath but slow enough for the body and mind to connect and dissolve into the stillness of this time of year.  And remember to pause particularly after the exhale. Let go and observe without judgement.

In January I will open bookings for the Morning Retreat on Sunday 17 February.  I am not running a residential retreat next year.  Would you be interested in a day at Yanley Court?  And if so, what time of year would that be?  Does it have to be a weekend for you?  Let me know your thoughts.

I am continuing to develop my reiki teaching and aspects of elemental healing.  I teach reiki to support you to develop your own mindful practice and grow an awareness of what nurtures you and how to be in relationship with your environment.  Not dissimilar to yoga practice. Here’s a link to read more about the spaces on offer: Reiki Spaces.  Always happy to talk about these ideas.  Curiosity is often the first reason for a conversation.

Thank you for spending the year with me.  However you celebrate this time of year, I hope it’s full of laughter, love and time to reflect.

Much love, Yvonne

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