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What a week!

Thank you for joining me for yoga, meditation, reiki and bodywork online. Your openness to try something different and to connect has been hugely supportive. I’ve been touched by your feedback, generosity and concern for my own welfare.

Note to me: reminders, learning & gratitudes

  • Yoga can be simple. The simplest practices are often the most profound (Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton)
  • Practice: Doing it is more important than what you do (Chris Priest)
  • I need to be offline as well as online
  • By putting the support in place, I can let go of the outcome (abhyasa/vairagya)
  • Learning and wisdom arises when needed
  • People are generous and like to help
  • Community/Sangha is wanted and needed
  • Telling the people I love that I love them
  • I’m lucky

I am working until 5 pm today and back on Monday morning. I will return messages then but am aware some of you are self-isolating and on your own. If you need contact before Monday please ask.

Next week there are two 30-minute classes each morning, an hour class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, a reiki share on Wednesday morning. And I’m seeing some of you for individual appointments. There’s plenty of space for more appointments/classes … let me know if you want to meet up.

In the meantime this beautiful and pertinent reading from Soul to Soul:

Yoga reflection

Last night’s yoga classes were full of discussion about what was being experienced in postures or what was not being experienced due to restrictions in the body. My intention when I teach is to allow students to find their own experience but from last night what I heard was that students would like more guidance and feedback. In not wanting to be goal-oriented or place expectations on individuals I think I have gone too far the other way and made practices rather loose – perhaps more sukha than sthira.

Next week we will continue with the practice of engagement and bringing awareness to the breath and the relationship with the body. To deepen the experience we need more time working with a posture. I will teach fewer shapes and let’s see what evolves.

Life’s full of learning. Thank you for being engaged – completely in line with our theme for this term!

Here is a copy of the guided breath meditation. I recorded it in the later class last night. I can hear the trains not sure if you will. Let me know how it goes:

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020! I hope you’ve had fun and some time to rest during your festivities. I am very grateful for a few days to myself before I return to Yanley Court on Monday morning.

Chris Scott

Inbetween the festivities of Christmas and New Year, I had the honour of being Acting Celebrant. My friend Chris was diagnosed with cancer over two years ago and last April he called me to ask if I would hold his ceremony. I was blown away and deeply honoured. Last Monday was a challenging, uplifting, emotional and exhausting experience. Thank you to everyone who supported me – it enabled me to be present, enjoy and hold the space for others. His wife Nixie, is one of my dearest friends and thankfully an amazing Celebrant. Together we created a funeral, memorial and concert all in one! Though I have to say, she did most of the organising – thank you Nix!

So, to next week – the diary is quite full but things change for people so if you can’t find what you want, let me know as a space might come up.

Yanley Court

I am beginning to turn my attention to planning yoga classes. I would like to start the year discussing what yoga is and how yoga influences us individually. Classes return next Wednesday evening at 6.00 pm and 7.30 pm, for a six week term: wednesday-yoga

The next restorative yoga class for people living with fatigue is Wednesday, 5 February at 2.30 pm: restorative-yoga-class-living-with-fatigue

(c) Reiki Evolution

The first reiki share of the year is on Monday, 13 January at 7.00 pm. Let me know if you would like to book in. I am focusing on my own development for the first half of this year. From September I want to offer ongoing reiki courses and peer supervision. If you are waiting for course dates, please come along to the reiki shares to begin your reiki journey: reiki-shares

I am planning to write more about yoga practice, massage theories and studies as the year rolls on. Any feedback or comments are welcome. I will try not to swamp you and if it’s all too much, let me know!

Blessings for the year ahead, Yvonne x

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