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Category: reflections

Reflection: Pain, breath and trust

I’ve just finished reading Hell Bent by Benjamin Lorr.  The subtitle reads ‘obsession, pain and the search for something like transcendence in competitive yoga’.  It’s a compelling read detailing the […]

Happy winter solstice

The Yew tree is a symbol of the winter solstice as well as the tree of the ancestors and transformation: YEW by Y Cattermole Keeper of time and wisdom, Holder […]

Yoga: meditation and focus

This time, your asana practice has brought attention to the stillness in the breath cycle and after a simple pranayama practice I have invited you to focus on an object […]

Yoga: our class journey

I hope you’re sitting comfortably.  During last year, I invited you to remember the foundations of yoga practice as described in the first four sutras of Chapter 1 in Patanjali’s […]

bodywork: the pelvic girdle

Last Saturday I found my way to a secret garden (Kingwell Walled Garden, Timsbury) to attend a workshop with Markus Heimpel.  Markus is a practitioner and teacher of shiatsu and […]

I liked this

This was posted on facebook, thought I would share it with the world beyond (the irony that I’m using a device to share it, has not escaped me …)

For presence

This blessing came into my head this morning, another beauty from John O’Donohue: For Presence Awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own […]

The art of practice

In discussion with my teacher, I have been reflecting on all the words, ideas, goals, opinions around yoga.  I have been set the challenge of keeping it simple.  It is […]

yoga reflection: come back to centre

We can visualise ourselves as being composed of different elements: air – intuitive and free; fire – creative and directive; water – flowing and determined; earth – containing and grounding.  […]

Reflections: feeling lost

I am awake with confusion and uncertainty.  When I feel like this, I often pick up John O’Donohue’s book, Benedictus, A Book of Blessings, to find solace.  I have not […]


I was asked if I was doing much playing at the moment?  I recounted stories of going grocery shopping, buying green bags for garden waste, general pottering and ‘chores’.  I’ve […]

teaching reflection

My favourite class asana is samasthiti. ‘A place of balanced attention’, standing on the mat. I listen to the room settle and breathe. Small movements, readjustments, Notice a frustration or […]

Yoga class reading …

It is Peace by Barb Larson Taylor (from Soul to Soul: Poems, Prayers, and Stories to End A Yoga Class, Edited by John Mundahl) What does stillness sound like? What […]

Reflection Retreat November 2015

Wooda Farm once again provided the container for our retreat.  We spent the days protected by the elements and were graced with clearer skies when we did venture out. Each […]