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What a week! Thank you for joining me for yoga, meditation, reiki and bodywork online. Your openness to try something different and to connect has been hugely supportive. I’ve been touched by your feedback, generosity and concern for my own welfare. Note to me:… Continue Reading “Reflection”

Question of the week …

I was asked: ‘What is reiki?’ I waffled quite a bit and here is my edited answer based on my experience and the writings of Taggart King (Reiki Evolution): Reiki is a mindful and respectful way of living and being in relationship with others… Continue Reading “Question of the week …”

So today was a study day …

It started with meeting a friend for coffee who also comes to me for bodywork and reiki. I got so excited talking about my plans for my reiki practice that I have spent the day not studying but planning and writing! I am developing… Continue Reading “So today was a study day …”