So today was a study day …

It started with meeting a friend for coffee who also comes to me for bodywork and reiki. I got so excited talking about my plans for my reiki practice that I have spent the day not studying but planning and writing!

I am developing my reiki practice this year. I have been working with reiki since 2003 and in 2009 I completed my Reiki Master/Teaching level with Nixie James-Scott. I was incredibly lucky to be able to spend two years with Nixie, exploring ideas around healing and connecting with my own healing journey. Since then, I have taught Reiki I and II sporadically. For the last couple of years I have held regular reiki shares. I have been asked to teach Reiki III (Master/Teacher level) by several students and have not felt it was the right time. But now it is!

One mission is to make reiki appropriate for everyone. There is a lack of understanding about what reiki is and what it isn’t. It should not challenge anyone’s religious or spiritual beliefs. It is a simple, uncluttered connection to healing energy or spiritual energy without dogma. A philsophy to live mindfully, respectfully and care about our internal and external environment. It is an embodied experience.

I am spending the start of this year developing my courses and have undertaken additional study to connect more deeply with and reflect on my teaching. I have started to create an additional website for my practice: embodied reiki. I will publish this over the summer and include details about reiki as a practice and offer a programme of courses to include:

  • Reiki I
  • Reiki II
  • Reiki III
  • Peer supervision spaces
  • Reiki shares
  • Days out connecting with reiki and the land

In the meantime I have created a new embodied reiki facebook page where I will posting updates and information about shares and get togethers. There’s a link to the page on my website or you can use the link to access it: embodiedreiki

And from today, I am offering a course of reiki: four weekly appointments of reiki to allow for a consistent approach and to let the journey unfold. You may have a specific focus or feel you need space to let something come into focus. The first appointment is 75 minutes long to give time to talk and discuss any questions; this is followed by three one-hour appointments. Details can be found here: A Month of Reiki @ £160

So that was my day. I am surrounded by books and ideas. Better get on with it!


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