Just Giving – generating heat

There’s some shock around the early start for meditation. If you are well and fighting fit, here are a few things to consider:
  • Something that takes effort and generates heat can lead to change (kriya yoga). Providing its a safe practice for you and the only discomfort is setting an alarm, then you may see a change in your health and well-being. As this early call is to meditate and support others, you may be surprised when your energy levels actually improve and stabilise
  • It is often the people who resist an alarm that are the ones who benefit most from an earlier practice
  • Early morning is a still and beautiful time of day; there are less thoughts hanging in the air
  • Meeting in community and committing to the group can bring positive change not just for yourself but the group and beyond
  • I am mindful that we are meeting to raise funds for a charity that responds to people in times of crisis. They will respond to an alarm whatever the time
It is very important that you keep yourselves well. Kriya yoga has three parts:
  • the discipline or commitment to practice
  • self study and keeping the commitment at a level that generates heat whilst maintaining the practice at a level that is safe
  • feeling gratitude for your practice; noticing the fruits of practice whilst not becoming attached to them, offering them up as a devotional practice
  • If an early start is just not safe practice for you, please access the recording

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