What’s going on?

Wednesday yoga

Yesterday was the last day of the yoga term. We return Wednesday, 26 February for a six week term with three new faces. At the moment there is one space in the 6 pm class and the 7.30 pm class is full.

I am assuming everyone is returning so have waiting lists in place. Please let me know know in good time if you are unable to return so I can offer your space to someone who is waiting. At the risk of causing upset, I will be asking for payment for the term if given late notice: wednesday-yoga-at-yanley

Morning retreats, residential retreats and other classes

I was asked in both classes about retreats. I am currently studying three courses which sounds ridiculous – it isn’t. They include a Reiki Master course which is CPD as I am already have a Master/Teacher qualification; an antenatal yoga course and an Ayurvedic course which is online (I’m questioning the quality of the course but it is useful to guide my reading and self-study). They are pottering along nicely. My therapy clinic and classes are generally full so evenings and weekends are spent reading or enjoying some space and downtime. Currently I do not have time to organise additional spaces as much as I enjoy them.

Also, I will not be offering the early bird yoga before the autumn. I am aware that there are only two classes but I am available for individual lessons. If you enjoyed the detail in last week’s class, an individual lesson could be just the thing. We can create a practice for you to work with at home. I suggest lessons every four to six weeks, to check in and either tweak or rewrite the practice. I’ve have worked in this way with a teacher for nearly twenty years. I love it: individual-yoga-lessons

From September, I will reinstate my reiki courses and be offering small antenatal yoga groups. I will also consider my retreat programme but this will be for 2021 (which is a ridiculous idea … I am still mistakenly writing 2019!).

Reiki shares

The next reiki share is Monday 9 March and is currently full. At this week’s share I was asked about meeting for the Spring Equinox. There is now an additional share on Friday afternoong, 20 March, 1415-1630. A couple of spaces are available. If you want a place, let me know. (I am asking for payment at time of booking.): reiki-shares


At the end of today, I am on leave until Monday 24 February. I will check in with emails but may be delayed replying. Please use the online booking system for appointments. I have changed it so you do not have to use a login, I hope this will make it simpler. Group class yoga needs to be booked through me. Otherwise select the session you want (therapy, individual yoga or reiki shares …) and you should be whizzed to the next available time.

It’s great to receive your feedback, questions and information about technical hitches: contact

Thanks for reading, Yvonne x

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