wednesday yoga

Due to restrictions in group work, I am organising online classes. I will provide information very soon

There are two classes on Wednesday evening. Each follows a similar theme but practices vary slightly to take the groups and the time of day into consideration. To encourage a yoga practice that is regular and consistent, I ask for a term commitment. All levels are welcome.


Use the contact form below if you would like to discuss the classes or cannot find the information you need. If you’re good to go, let me know and I will book you in for your chosen class providing there is a space available.

Next term: 26 February to 1 April prices given for 6, 5 and 4 weeks respectively:

  • 1800 – 1915 @ £55 / £50 / £45
  • 1930 – 2100 @ £60 / £55 / £50

Please arrange for payment at the start of term. Providing space is available, you can come to another class if you are unable to make your usual time

Future term dates (2020):

  • 22 April – 20 May (5 weeks – £50 / £45)
  • 3 June – 8 July (6 weeks)

What you need for classes:

It helps to wear loose clothing – layers are helpful. Yanley Court is warm and cosy however do bring a warm jumper or blanket as you may feel cold once the asana stop and we sit for breathing, meditation or to rest. A yoga mat and block would be ideal but I can lend you something initially.

To book a Wednesday class please contact me via this link: CONTACT (classes cannot be booked via the online booking system)