New Yoga Terms

This term we’ve been opening the heart and releasing restriction in the chest and the hips. The hips often mirror tension in the heart, particularly if ‘stuff’ is going on in close relationships. I know many of you are supporting children and grandchildren taking exams and for others your elders are showing signs of frailty and needing additional time and support. I hope you have found this term nourishing. Taking time to go inward and give yourself a nourishing practice can make all the difference. Sometimes we can feel there isn’t the time which means we need to make it the top of our lists of ‘doings’ – even if that means getting up a bit earlier.

Thank you for your generous feedback. Every term someone will say how much they are enjoying the practice. It warms the toes! You can find the reading from today at the end of this post.

Next term

We return to yoga from 5 June. Please follow the links for times, dates and prices. Each page has a link to book online. I’ve tested them all and they appear to be in working order but any issues, please let me know

  • Monday Yoga & Meditation Online
    • Includes recording of the class to use between Mondays. I’ve enjoyed hearing how supportive this has been to encourage a regular practice through the week. If you cannot come to the live class, that’s ok, we can still be in touch if you have questions
  • Friday Morning Yoga Online
  • Long Ashton Yoga Classes
    • Two classes on Friday mornings. If you cannot come to class you can attend the earlier online class or have access to the Monday recording

I’m often asked for copies of the practices. I can send out the yoga stickmen so you can practice between classes. I may need a reminder to do this 😉

Today’s reading

I am working next week and there a few spaces available. If you want an individual lesson or some bodywork, let me know or book in online

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