Monday Yoga & Meditation Online

Starting the day with yoga and meditation is one of the best things we can do for the mind and body. The classes are recorded live and are available for one week. The last class of term is available until the next term begins.

Once the class begins, your cameras and audio will be off and I will record the session live. To avoid interruptions during practice, there is the opportunity to ask questions at the end or you can leave the class and message me direct.

You do not have to attend the live classes. Some students enjoy the recordings and message me if they have a question

The posture practice will be simple followed by a seated breathing practice and short meditation

Next Term starts 5 June 23

  • Mondays 0700 – 0730
    • 5 June – 10 July @ £38.00 (some sessions may be pre-recorded)

2 Comments on “Monday Yoga & Meditation Online

  1. Thank you Yvonne, a wonderful meditation – so strengthening.

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