Reiki News

Monday Reiju

Following my sabbatical, I will be sending reiju for students from next Monday. I hope you’ve been tuning into Taggart King’s offering while I’ve been away. Let me know how it went for you: Contact

Reiki Shares

The next reiki share is 10 March at the slightly later time 1430. For more information: Reiki Shares

  • Additional dates: 21 April, 19 May, 14 July

Reiki Retreat

Join me in the Shropshire hills for a weekend in nature, includes reiki workshops and shares


Here are the dates for 2023. If you have a friend or partner you would like to study with but these dates do not work, we can find a date for you to do that:

Reiki Courses preparatory study commitment

  • Reiki I & II: 8 to 10 hours study
  • Reiki III allow 6 weeks
Follow the links for more information or contact me if you have any questions
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