Yoga Class News & Ideas for this Term

Read on for news about current yoga classes, an additional in-person class from April and Ayurvedic suggestions for a healthy transition into Spring …

Friday LA Yoga – additional class

Last week was the start of a new yoga term. The February class is full. March currently has three spaces remaining:

  • 1000 – 1100
  • Fridays, 10 – 31 March
  • Four week block @ £45.00
  • Maximum 7 spaces

With the bank holidays and dates for Easter, the next block is a six week term. If you are unable to make your usual class, you will be able to swap providing there is space or there is always space in the online classes, by prior agreement

From mid-April there will be two classes available on Friday mornings
  • ** NEW TIMES: 0945-1045 and 1115-1215
  • Fridays, 21 April – 26 May
  • Six week term @ £67.00
  • Maximum 6 places
  • TO BOOK 0945-1045
  • TO BOOK 1115-1215

Online Monday Yoga & Meditation

  • Mondays 0700-0730
  • Recording available for one week
  • Four weeks @ £25.00

Online Wednesday Term Yoga

  • Wednesdays 1830-1930
  • Current block has begun and continues for three more weeks
  • Next block: 8 – 29 March @ £45.00

Online Friday Morning Yoga

  • Fridays 0730-0815 and 0830-0915
  • Payment
    • £8.50 per class
    • £32.00 for 4-week block
    • Current block continues to 24 February
    • 10 -31 March

Kapha Season & ideas for Yoga Practice

Ayurveda follows the energetic philosophy of the three doṣas: vāta, pitta and kapha. There a several cycles to consider when working with this model, one of which relates to the seasons. Late winter and early Spring is the time when kapha is dominant. At this time kapha can become aggravated. The growing warmth begins to melt the accumulated excesses of winter. We can feel this mentally and physically. There might be feelings of sluggishness, heaviness and a resistance to move. We can become waterlogged in our bodies with symptoms of water retention, congested sinuses and lungs and a sluggish digestion.

Yoga practices to counter pose these patterns to bring strength and movement into the body and mind. There needs to be a focus on the upper back, chest, arms and the stomach. Kapha tends to be cold in temperature so we try to create heat and warmth and a comfortable amount of challenge. Using ujjayi breathing will help to dry excess phlegm and bring focus to practice

In addition to yoga, you can take on lifestyle and nutrition practices to help cleanse the system and make the transition into Spring a healthy experience. Some start-up suggestions; be discerning:

  • a gentle detox over three to five days to include eating warm and light meals and soups
  • replace some of your tea and coffee with hot water
  • avoid late night eating and snacking
  • increase bitter, pungent and astringent tastes (eg spring and leafy greens, onions, garlic, peppers, ginger)
  • decrease sweet, sour and salty tastes
  • avoid dairy products
  • avoid lie-ins and daytime naps – try to be up by 7 am (earlier if you’re keen!)
  • start the day with ginger tea (made with dry ginger) then introduce movement before breakfast – a yoga practice or gentle walk

For more information you can check out the Ayurveda page or book in for a consultation:

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