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I am taking time in January to develop and consolidate practice ideas however, here is a change for November

Did you know that I am trained in two forms of massage?

  • Thai Massage
  • Ayurvedic Massage

Thai Massage

A clothed massage, generally received on a futon on the floor and sometimes described as a ‘lazy man’s yoga’. (This can also be received on a couch if the futon is not right for you)

Thai bodywork releases muscle tension and balances energy levels, leading to flexibility and strength in the muscles which allows freer movement of joints. Changes may be subtle but are often long lasting.

Adapted for the individual, considered sequences of soft tissue pressing and combinations of stretching and joint mobilisation are given. These techniques also have an energetic focus releasing blockages or stagnation; deeper focused work occurs through acupressure points

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Ayurvedic Massage

As an Ayurvedic therapist, I work with you to understand your individual constitution to choose techniques to encourage a return to centre and balance

The massage includes the use of herb-infused oils and techniques to stimulate, pacify or balance your unique combination of energies or doแนฃa.

As for Thai massage, there is attention to acupressure points called marma or marmani. These points are vulnerable or sensitive zones connected to the physiological and energetic systems of the body. It can feel like having full body reflexology

Ayurvedic massage can be an introduction to lifestyle and nutrition consultations: embodied Ayurveda

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So what’s the change?

About five years ago I had to roll up the futon while my body adapted to some changes but using a combination of yoga, bodyworks and Ayurveda, I am very pleased to be back on the floor as well as the massage couch. The futon allows for a wider range of techniques and deeper work where appropriate

Also, after studying Ayurvedic philosophy and application for a year, my Ayurvedic massage has refocused and deepened

Changes to massage & bodywork appointments

I hope this doesn’t read like a list of rules! This is what I would like to happen …

  • Please choose the approach at time of booking to allow the room (and me) to be ready for your appointment
    • Futon or couch
    • Thai or Ayurvedic massage
    • If you are unsure, message me to discuss what would be most appropriate
    • If your choice changes on the day because you have been unwell or injured this will of course be accommodated; it will just take 10 minutes to switch the room round
  • Duration
    • To allow time for consultation and massage, appointments will be available for either 75 or 90 minutes
    • If you have an hour’s appointment booked, we can discuss this change when we meet
    • If you have an appointment booked and want to change the approach or duration, I’m very happy to do that
  • Combining massage with other therapies
    • Couch-based can include Reflexology and Reiki
    • Futon-based can include Reiki

Why am I making these changes?

  • I have high standards and I want to honour my training & experience
  • Our mental and physical health is a priority
  • Massage & bodywork provides a space to focus on our own self-care & nourishment
  • To raise awareness that massage therapy is not indulgent – when we look after ourselves, we can be fully present for ourselves & the people we love
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