Just Giving Early Morning Meditation No.5

Thank you for supporting the meditations in aid of the British Red Cross. Here’s the link to this morning’s recording. Same password as yesterday.

Today’s card was Stargazer, set your sights higher. Go beyond your limitations and believe the impossible is possible. Heal a wound and allow yourself to envision dreams, even if they seem out of reach

We worked with the So’ Ham meditation (pronounced So’ Hum). The mantra is experienced during the inhale (So) and during the exhale (Hum). The literal translation is ‘I am that’. It’s deeper meaning is ‘I am that pure awareness’. The mantra calms the mind as well as bringing focus.

With our hands in Ushas mudra (break of day or origin of all good things), the intention is to energise the body, open svadhistana (sacral cakra) and awaken our creativity; as with the So’ Ham meditation, we encourage clarity and mental alertness.

Have a play with both techniques, together and separately. I would love to hear about your experience. I hope you enjoyed today’s practice.

If you would like to support this Just Giving Fund Raising Event, follow the link and sign up for the meditations, live or recorded. The theme of the two weeks is community and connection. I hope it will sustain you whilst supporting an amazing charity.

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