Just Giving Early Morning Meditation No.3

Thank you for supporting the meditations in aid of the British Red Cross. Here’s the link to this morning’s recording. Same password as yesterday.

Today’s card was Animal Guardian: Trust your Instincts. It’s an invitation to connect with ‘how you really feel, how you want to feel and what you really need’. Can you take a quiet moment to connect to your more instinctual side and ignore the side that tells you what you should feel and what you should need?

Our hand mudra today was Shivalinga – energy-charging mudra. Connected to our inner selves, we attempted to let go of unhelpful patterns of being. To feel gratitude for having the time and the space to gift this moment to ourselves.

How was it for you? I’ve been told by one person that the day feels calmer. As well as the meditation, the practice of waking at the same time every day is nourishment for the body. Ten happy bodies online today with another meditating at home (connection issues). It’s fantastic. Thank you!

If you would like to support this Just Giving Fund Raising Event, follow the link and sign up for the meditations, live or recorded. The theme of the two weeks is community and connection. I hope it will sustain you whilst supporting an amazing charity.

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