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Thanks for getting in touch about meeting up online to talk about yoga practice and life. I am going to set up one session at a time and we can decide as a collective when to meet next. I feel we need a container or theme for our hour together and each time I will bring selected ideas from the yoga sutras. Here are the details for our first afternoon:

  • Topic: Citta vrttis and the purpose of yoga
  • Time: Friday 27 November @ 2.00 pm for an hour
  • Cost: Ā£10.00 (full rate) / Ā£7.00 (lower rate)
  • What you need:
    • a drink (optional) and comfy chair
    • zoom link (to be supplied)
  • What would be useful but not essential:
    • a copy of the yoga sutras
  • What you don’t need:
    • any prior knowledge

If you want to come to the session but are unable to, there will be a recording available the following week so do still book in and I will send you the recording. I imagine there will be a flow between sessions as some ideas will generate more discussion and reflection than can be fitted into an hour

Please book online or contact me for information/to book: Contact

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