Coffee Pot Philosophy for Menopause?

I set up this space to meet students and clients who want to talk about yoga practice and its impact on our lives. I wonder if it could be a good place to start meeting with women who are perimenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal? I am finding yoga and the yoga sutras incredibly supportive and informative as I embrace perimenopause and would like to share my experience and understanding with others. What I am being told is that women do not talk about this stage of life. Are we making assumptions about one another? When I mention it to a woman, there seems to be no hesitation in sharing her story.

I have considered a weekly yoga class but bringing yoga in as a daily practice is much more empowering. This can be an overwhelming prospect when life is already packed with work, relationships, family and menopause (in all its stages). So I would like to invite you to join me to discuss our relationship with ourselves and with the one of the most powerful changes we will navigate, using yoga to inform, support and empower. A yoga practice has many parts and you do not have to do it all. Finding one practice that you can embrace regularly is the key.

I am going to set up one session at a time. This will give us flexibility to see if it works for us and if it doesn’t, co-create something that does. I have chosen a topic to give us a container and direction for our first get together. I suspect we will meander and go off on tangents which is absolutely allowed!

  • Topic: Stress, regularity and the menopause
  • Time: Monday 30 November @ 7.30 pm for an hour
  • Cost: £10.00 (full rate) / £7.00 (lower rate)
  • What you need:
    • a drink (optional) and comfy chair
    • privacy
    • zoom link (to be supplied)
  • What you don’t need:
    • any prior knowledge

If you want to come to the session but are unable to, there will be a recording available the following week so do still book in and I will send you the recording. I imagine there will be a flow between sessions as some ideas will generate more discussion and reflection than can be fitted into an hour

Please book online or contact me for information/to book: Contact

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