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Reiki: Talks, Courses …

Thank you to everyone who attended the Reiki talks in March. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences and understanding of Reiki. There was a mix of experience present at the talks, from none at all to Reiki Teacher/Master Level. And thank you for your… Continue Reading “Reiki: Talks, Courses …”

Reiki Talks: a bit more info

The talks are booking up which is great. As I’ve spent time thinking about the talks and how I would like to organise the sessions, my ideas are finding new ways to dance and form. Once everyone has arrived, I will be talking for… Continue Reading “Reiki Talks: a bit more info”

Invitation: An Introduction to Reiki

I am reposting this to highlight that these talks are free of charge. I will be recording each of the talks, so if you cannot make all three I will make the presentation part of each talk available for a limited time. The general… Continue Reading “Invitation: An Introduction to Reiki”