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Thank you to everyone who attended the Reiki talks in March. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences and understanding of Reiki. There was a mix of experience present at the talks, from none at all to Reiki Teacher/Master Level. And thank you for your feedback which I’m sharing here minus some of the technical feedback that would only make sense if you had been at the talks:

If you missed the talks, I have recorded a condensed version. This is about 25 minutes long so if you’re curious, I suggest you grab a cup of something, put your feet up and press play (you can find this link on the Reiki page too)

The next Reiki course is planned for Saturday 26 June. There are a maximum of four spaces and it is based in my therapy room in Long Ashton. This is a level one course – an introduction and starting point for Reiki practice. Please follow the link for more details: Reiki Courses

What was very apparent during the talks was the ability for everyone to sit, centre, be with their breath and have a healing experience; Reiki gives a structure to a meditative healing practice, permission to explore and a community to practice in. Reiki is one way of accessing a deeper part of ourselves. There are others. I find Reiki complements my yoga and meditation practice. It provides stillness in a busy room and brings me to ground when I am floating off.

If you have any questions or reflections please get in touch. If you are interested in a course but can’t do the dates I have published, let me know. I am very happy to organise more dates. For some people weekends are difficult and a weekday is easier, let me know if this is the case: Contact

Thanks again to those of you who came to the talks and your openness to explore with me

Yvonne x

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