Invitation: An Introduction to Reiki

I am reposting this to highlight that these talks are free of charge. I will be recording each of the talks, so if you cannot make all three I will make the presentation part of each talk available for a limited time. The general discussions we share, will not be recorded. There are still spaces left which can booked online or via me. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with you.

Reiki is something most people have heard of but are unsure of what it is. How to pronounce it is problematic enough. In English it is said ‘Ray-ki’. I am told in Japanese it is ‘Lay-ki’. It is an excellent meditation and relaxation technique. I would like to tell you about it and perhaps dispel some myths so I have put together three 45 minute talks to introduce you to Reiki. There is no catch at the end of these. You can come along and learn about this simple but profound practice and leave it there. I will be leading a meditation in each so I hope you will gain understanding and be pleasantly relaxed by the end of each meeting.

If you are interested in the practice, I am offering courses from June providing restrictions are lifted but there’s no hard sell. If you want to learn more then I would obviously love to teach you: reiki courses

Talk #One

  • Where did Reiki come from?
  • What are the principles of Reiki?
  • What is absent or distant healing?
  • The role of ceremony
  • A Guided Meditation and Relaxation Technique

Talk #Two

  • What is Energy in Reiki terms?
  • What is the role of Reiki?
  • How do the Reiki Symbols work?
  • Yantra and Kotodama

Talk #Three

  • What are the different levels of Reiki?
  • Other influences – what is and what isn’t Reiki?
  • The gift of Reiki and personal practice

Dates for talks

  • Dates
    • Talk 1: Sunday 28 March
    • Talk 2: Monday 29 March
    • Talk 3: Tuesday 30 March
    • More dates in May 2021
  • Time
    • 1900-1945
  • Where
    • On zoom, link to be provided

Booking your place

You can do this online or send me a message and I will book you on the talks:

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