Self care with Reiki

This weekend I taught two students their master teacher level of reiki: Reiki III. As with any higher level course, the learning is not restricted to teaching hours and there is a further deepening of spiritual practice and connection. For Reiki III, students have completed Reiki I and Reiki II as well as committing to home study before attending a full weekend of teaching and practical exercises. From here the learning really begins, with regular contact time to discuss and share practice

For many students, Reiki I is the right place to be with just the right amount of self-study and meditative practices. I would recommend Reiki I to anyone who wants to create a personal practice of self care. There is also the opportunity to attend meetings and retreats with other students and like-minded people:

‘The weekend was rich with experiential learning supported by Yvonne’s clarity in her teachings … both through her excellent whiteboard scribing and her concise and straightforward verbal explanations and instructions.

A weekend filled with gentle humour alongside and within deeply sacred space and wisdom.

I felt invigorated personally and within my Reiki practice … thank you’

Reiki III Student (August 2023)
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