Next week, June & the Autumn

Online Yoga Classes

There are no yoga classes next week. I will send out zoom codes next Sunday (5 June). In the meantime, here are dates and times. There is a new structure from 6 June:

Online Monday Morning Meditation

If you signed up for May, last week’s meditation will be available for two weeks until the next meditation. The next four week block begins 6 June 0645-0700 @ £10. A recording of each meditation is available for the week. If you book online, just book the first week and I will add the rest: Click to Book

The meditation: I choose a tree card or image on Sundays and allow the ideas to settle overnight. I then create and guide the meditation when we meet. It has been well received with some people arriving for the live meditation and others accessing the recording: Monday Morning Meditation


My exam is next Saturday with results at the start of August. I am planning 5 minute talks which I will post on the website. I’m looking forward to creating my practice for this traditional and wise practice


With the change in the yoga class schedule, I have more space for individual appointments. Tuesdays and Thursdays start at 9 am with the option to meet earlier if required. Wednesday mornings will also be available.


I will be teaching a four week in-person yoga class to introduce the foundations of practice to new students. This will be at 10 am on Fridays, starting 9 September. I will be providing more information in the summer. If you would like to reserve a space (maximum 8) then let me know: Contact

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