Just Giving Early Morning Meditation No.6 (2nd week)

Thank you for supporting the meditations in aid of the British Red Cross. Here’s the link to this morning’s recording. Same password as last week.

Today’s card was Autumn, release the old and rest. The season cards allude to the flow of life and our linear sense of time. The Autumn card encourages us to release the pressures and expectations of life. Sometimes it is time to surrender our illusion of control to what is and ride the wave.

To encourage our body and mind to release, we adopted Apana Mudra / Energy Mudra. It supports the removal of waste materials and toxins. In Ayurveda these toxins are referred to as āma. When we have āma we experience symptoms in the mind and body such as feelings of overwhelm, heaviness, lethargy, brain fog, muscle aches and joint restriction, skin issues and disturbed sleep.

I hope you enjoyed today’s meditation

If you would like to support this Just Giving Fund Raising Event, follow the link and sign up for the meditations, live or recorded. The theme of the two weeks is community and connection. I hope it will sustain you whilst supporting an amazing charity.

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