Yoga for Education Support UK

There is a recorded yoga practice available to raise money for a charity to providing mental and emotional support to teachers and education staff. There have been a few more donations this week, brining the total to £165. The practice is available until the end of January. Let me know how you get on if you do the practice or you can just make a donation.

If you work in education this practice was offered as a gift – no donation necessary. Thirty two people have now accessed the practice!

To make a donation: Link to Just Giving

If you still want to access the practice and this is your first yoga practice, be gentle with yourself. Many people find coordinating new movements with the breath is a bit of head game. The movements look simple but a focused, breath led approach can be challenging. If you feel light headed or dizzy, you may be over-breathing. If that’s the case, get to know the movements and allow yourself to work within a comfortable range of movement. Your breath may be longer or shorter than mine and that’s ok, do what your breath needs. Try to avoid twisting your head to watch the video and bring your focus to your breath and your own practice. Please use the suggested supports and variations where necessary. Let me know how it goes.

I have not brought the meditation to a close; this will allow you to sit for as long as you want. Here is the written practice sheet which can be downloaded if you find a written practice useful:

Please let me know if you have any issues accessing the practice or the Just Giving Page

Thanks again

Yvonne x

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