Menopause: Yoga Practice No.1

I have a new website to run alongside this one. It focuses on women’s health and the different cycles we live with and move through. I know we don’t need to talk about this everyday but we should be able to talk to each other if we need to.

I have posted my first blog about the menopause and yoga. This will be an ongoing series. As I read through different resources, the main self-help is to calm the nervous system and give ourselves permission to do what we would tell our family and friends to do: take time out, do something you love doing, give yourself some space to work out what you need, nourish yourself …

There are plenty of ideas about yoga practice during menopause. I am not sure about particular asanas (postures) stimulating specific endocrine glands but I am sure about the effect on the body, to bring it to a balance and to open the joints and heart. I am sure about the effect of the breath on the mind, head and body. I feel myself move from agitation to stillness when I gift myself the time to pause. I have changed my own practice and am beginning to feel the effects, particularly during the night. The last two nights I haven’t woken until 5 am and I went back to sleep. That’s not happened for a while!

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One Comment on “Menopause: Yoga Practice No.1

  1. This advice is brilliant Yvonne and your research is very helpful. For me it was not just the issue of time to blocked me from making changes. It was also having to accept that I could not do everything that I expected of myself! So thank you for being so honest and open.

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