Yoga Study Group: Friday Morning, 13 November

Assuming we are still allowed to meet …

An invitation to meet on a Friday morning every six to eight weeks where we can meet in person to talk about yoga and share practice. I am really happy to be able to teach online but would like to meet in the real world too. I thought this would be a great way to support our online lessons. If it’s popular I will organise to meet more frequently. There is the option to attend online if you would like to come but do not feel comfortable meeting as a group.

Yatton Rugby Club may seem an odd choice of venue but the room is immaculate and private – my parents are involved with the running and upkeep of the club so I feel comfortable and confident that the space is as safe as it can be. With a maximum of six people in the room (including me), we can socially distance, wearing masks when we travel off our mats. There’s a small kitchenette for teas and coffees.

  • When: Friday 13th November, 10.45 -13.00
  • Where: Yatton RFC, BS49 4BR
  • Maximum 5 people in person / 5 people online
  • Topic: the klesa
  • Cost: Full rate £15 / Lower rate £10

Required: your own yoga mat and face mask. I will provide tea and coffee but if you would prefer to bring your own please do

3 Comments on “Yoga Study Group: Friday Morning, 13 November

  1. Hi YvonneI’d love to come if we’re still allowed then. I know I’m not doing regular online sessions but am practising at home by myself. It gets a bit lonely!If you think it’s ok for me to come I’ll book online if that’s open. I’ll have to brush up on the klesa, i know you’ve been posting lots on the blog :)Birgit  xx

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  2. Hi Yvonne, I’d like to come to that if you think it’s not too demanding for me :). Re the meditation:I left quietly, hoping nobody minded.  I had been on one of my favourite hills and didn’t want it to be distorted by other people’s experiences just yet.  I hope that makes sense. See you soon, Marianne xx


  3. Hi Yvonne I’d like to come to this if there is still space. I mean, come in person. Let me know if that is possible. With love Kathy xxx


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