Yoga reflection

Last night’s yoga classes were full of discussion about what was being experienced in postures or what was not being experienced due to restrictions in the body. My intention when I teach is to allow students to find their own experience but from last night what I heard was that students would like more guidance and feedback. In not wanting to be goal-oriented or place expectations on individuals I think I have gone too far the other way and made practices rather loose – perhaps more sukha than sthira.

Next week we will continue with the practice of engagement and bringing awareness to the breath and the relationship with the body. To deepen the experience we need more time working with a posture. I will teach fewer shapes and let’s see what evolves.

Life’s full of learning. Thank you for being engaged – completely in line with our theme for this term!

Here is a copy of the guided breath meditation. I recorded it in the later class last night. I can hear the trains not sure if you will. Let me know how it goes:

2 Comments on “Yoga reflection

  1. Many thanks for this Yvonne, And for being so open to feedback.I did find the discussion about the seated forward bend posture really useful, and also the suggestion that your could help guide us individually- It really helps to have the explanation as to why we might struggle with something or shown alternatives that will still stretch us in the right way for the posture- rather than in my case having a shot but ending up with a result that is not helping the body- and may even be putting unnecessary strain on the lower back. Thank you for the recording, – I like the odd train noise!See you soon, best wishes Kate


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