The results are in …

I have been awarded a Distinction for my diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition. As well as being happy, I am very grateful for your help – you were excellent case studies!

I have started working with clients and am beginning to receive bookings for the autumn which is heartening and exciting

If you’re interested but want to know more before diving in, do have a look at the short videos I’ve been producing: Ayurvedic Chat

Ayurvedic practice is lifestyle AND nutrition. They cannot be separated. If you’re concerned that an Ayurvedic diet won’t be to your taste, don’t be. You need food that you enjoy and that nourishes you. We need to work out what that is for you. We all need wholesome and digestible food with a variety of tastes and we need to grow our awareness of what nourishes and sustains us individually so we can feel light, grounded and energised

This is a process not a regime

Our conversations will uncover what it is that you need in order to practice self-care and nourishment – physically and mentally. You might be really good at making changes but find it difficult to sustain them. Or maybe change is difficult and you feel resistant even though you know it would be good to find a healthier approach. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

An Ayurvedic lifestyle includes nutrition, self-care practices, enjoyment and sustainability. It does not include punishment or encourage feelings of self-judgement. Where is the joy in that?

For more information about the consultation process click here: embodied Ayurveda

I will stop as I promised I would keep my blogs short. Please get in touch if you want to find out more and let me know how you find the videos: Contact

I am taking bookings from mid-August. If you know you want to book in, here’s the link: Initial Consultation

Yvonne x

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