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My Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition exam and case studies submission will be complete mid June. I will let things settle and then explain how to access this new offering. I will be organising an online talk to give more information about what it is and what the possible benefits for you might be. As a brief introduction:

  • Ayurveda is the thread that connects bodywork therapy, yoga and meditation practices
  • Its application is individual. One size does not fit all
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition can be rewritten as Self-care and Nourishment. If this sounds challenging please know that small changes can make a big difference. It doesn’t have to be a big overhaul. It can be but it doesn’t have to be
  • If you feel drawn to having a conversation but feel that you don’t have the space, don’t have the time or don’t have the resources then we really need to find a way to work together
  • Ayurvedic principles are universal. They can be applied to all diets, cultures and ages
  • And they can be applied to a family with different tastes and requirements because it’s individual
  • Some paths will meander and some will be direct because, in case I haven’t mentioned it enough, Ayurveda and life is individual

Thanks for reading! Yvonne x

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  1. Yvonne, wishing you well with your studies and exam. I would be very interested to hear more about it at a later date. Val

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