Blog/Emails and Feedback Request

In an attempt to restrict the number of emails I send, I try to write one blog with everything included but I think they are just too long.

Am I right?

From today, blogs will be short with links to relevant pages. You can choose to click and read the more detailed information.

Writing the blogs takes quite a bit of time and if you’re not finding them useful, it seems a shame to keep us all locked to the computer.

Thanks to those of you who make comments and share your reflections. I would still very much like to hear from you!

(Obviously there will occasionally be ramblings that I just won’t be able to keep short …)

Yvonne x

2 Comments on “Blog/Emails and Feedback Request

  1. Dear Yvonne – even though I do not read every blog or communication I LOVE receiving them – they bring with them a different energy – a higher frequency to much of what enters my inbox – they carry light and what i experience as inclusive intention – shorter blogs with links sounds like a very good idea so long as the it is clear what the links are for. One day I would love to “do/be” yoga with you. With Love. Kim

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