Practice changes

I hope this finds you well and you have had a restful weekend. I wrote to many of you last week and I continue to see some of you online in one form or another:

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  • Morning Dailies
  • Wednesday Term Yoga
  • Individual Yoga Lessons
  • Reiki Shares
  • Guided Meditations
  • Teaching partners massage techniques
  • Teaching you self-help techniques
  • General catch up and sharing

This is providing a space for us to meet but I am so looking forward to seeing you in the non-virtual world! I am very grateful for your continued support. My business is ticking over and as a bodywork therapist I am in the enviable position of being able to survive this unusual period we find ourselves in.

I have been given a time to step back and consider how to run my practice differently. Rather than bombard you with ideas, I want to tell you the main bit of news. My practice room at Yanley Court is closing and I am returning to my therapy room at home in Long Ashton. Yanley Court is closing as a centre. I suspect this will come as a shock but not a surprise. It has been a successful venture for me as a therapist and teacher. Rachel has created a beautiful space with a welcoming energy. But the time for change has presented itself.

Some of you used to see me at my home. It is a private, quiet space and I hope to welcome you there in the not too distant future. I am not sure what shape therapy work will take over the next year. My optimistic heart wonders if we might meet in June for yoga classes, perhaps there can be a mixture of in person and online. And maybe there can be some bodywork … I’m allowed to dream! I have been enjoying getting out the futon to explore and revise techniques with my family. I will be re-introducing the futon to my practice. The therapy room will offer flexibility for individual appointments of bodywork and yoga and small group work, including yoga, reiki and meditations. A change of location only – my practice will continue to develop and support!

I am considering my options for larger yoga classes and will be asking you for your ideas. Until we know when we can teach again, making decisions and plans has limited value. In the meantime, term yoga will continue online. The three one hour classes on Wednesday are working well. The Morning Dailies have attracted a consistent presence and there are requests to continue these after lockdown ends. This is a great result. Something I would never have thought of offering before now!

By the end of the bank holiday weekend, I am planning to be working from home. This will give me scope to offer more class times.

Please contact me if you want to discuss any of the above.

Yvonne x

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