what’s in a name … reiki boar


I call my Reiki practice reiki boar.  During our recent reiki gathering, boar presented himself from the card pack.  Here are some words about Boar wisdom:

  • Boar symbolises Warrior Spirit, leadership and direction, healing, protection and the element of earth
  • He is paired with sow who offers generosity, nourishment and discovery
  • He calls us to the forest to discover a secret about ourselves and the world.  There are ancient ritual boar paths which also exist within us.  If we follow them, we can meet boar and explore the wild and untamed power in all of us.
  • Boar represents the goddess, healing and inspires music and poetry.  This primal power calls us to be empowered, to lead and direct
  • With Boar to guide us, we can use our wildness and energy for genuine acts of heroism in a world that longs for insight and healing

He’s a rather splendid energy to be guided by

* reference: taken from ‘the druid animal oracle deck’ by P & S Carr-Gomm


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